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Webinar: Leading with Compassion: Emotionally Intelligent Management

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Diversity, Equity, and InclusionWebinar

July 18, 2023 @ 12:00 pm 1:00 pm

DEI Facilitator Rachel Sadler will explore emotional intelligence for managers and provide strategies to enhance your skills.


As a manager, you understand the importance of having a high-performing team. Emotional intelligence plays a critical role in achieving this goal. In this webinar, DEI Facilitator Rachel Sadler will explore the importance of emotional intelligence for managers and provide practical strategies for enhancing your emotional intelligence skills. You’ll gain valuable insights that will help you become a more effective leader and build stronger, more resilient teams. 

Learning Goals:

  • Learn the definition of emotional intelligence 
  • Learn how to recognize trauma responses in team members
  • Develop strategies to implement emotional intelligence as part of your leadership practice

About the Facilitator:

Rachel advocates for educational equity with the belief that education can start to break the cycle of generational poverty. As a former classroom teacher and school leader, she has worked with students at the middle school level with successful social and academic outcomes. Her skills include coaching educators who work with underserved student populations to develop positive rapport and implement trauma-informed practices in the classroom. By working with educators, she aims to reduce racialized trauma that BIPOC students experience in schools. In addition to her work in classrooms, she understands that children are also largely impacted by their communities and lived experiences. To combat this, she facilitates DEI conversations in the academic and corporate setting to mitigate the effects of workplace trauma that often follow parents back into their homes. This includes topics such as microaggressions, race and gender discrimination, inclusive interviewing and hiring practices, and performative allyship.

Rachel has a master’s degree in Lifespan & Digital Communication from Old Dominion University and a secondary concentration in Women’s Studies. She is passionate about women’s representation in sports and athletic spaces, working to address the intersections of gender, perception of athleticism, and acceptance. She works to dismantle the traditional ideas of what constitutes an athlete in order to create welcoming health and wellness spaces for all bodies.