Our Theory of Change

Ecological Approach

We believe that in order to transform the workplace landscape, an ecological approach guided by social justice and DEI principles is necessary. Workplace inequities are often caused by conscious and/or unconscious biases, behaviors, and policies that uphold systems of power and privilege. Therefore, we prioritize intentional and meticulous efforts to bring about change at all levels: 

  • individually, 
  • interpersonally, 
  • organizationally, and 
  • collectively as a society.

As a consulting and training firm, we understand that knowledge and awareness are important but not enough to shift behaviors and organizational cultures on its own. Our goal is to bring together education and pair it with action. 

Instead of merely naming symptoms of workplace issues, we support our clients in recognizing and addressing the root causes of inequities while developing communities of knowledge, capacity, practice, healing, and resilience. By focusing on these key areas, we believe we can create more equitable and inclusive workplaces.

Our theory of change is built on four core components: 

  • list-icon_mark EDUCATION: we provide webinars, workshops, programs, and online courses using adult learning theories and engagement strategies to create a space of learning and curiosity. We aim to broaden organizations' awareness of the ways in which workplace inequities impact their day-to-day work, and offer ways to reduce biases, discriminations, and other harmful behaviors.
  • list-icon_mark STRATEGY: we recognize that organizations need to go beyond workshops and webinars to do deep work and change their internal culture and climate. Our strategy work includes organizational assessments, focus groups, interviews, strategic proposals, implementation, and accountability measures. We tailor learning and development plans to specific needs and gap areas within each organization.
  • list-icon_mark COACHING: We believe that practicing liberatory ways of working and "being" is the most impactful way to witness shifts in behaviors. Coaching is included in various programs and offerings to build individual and communal capacity for change, healing and resilience.
  • list-icon_mark COMMUNITY: Community is a crucial component of our theory of change. Institutions don’t run themselves, and individuals don’t exist in isolation. We leverage the power of building strong communities by centering and honoring the stories of people who have been historically marginalized, while also creating intersectional spaces for healing, resilience, and joy through our social events and programming.
Leading with the head and heart

Measuring our Impact

To measure our impact, we use a variety of quantitative and qualitative measures, including diversity and representation within organizations, employee satisfaction and retention, and overall improvements in workplace culture and climate. We also use feedback and evaluation tools to continually assess the effectiveness of all our programming, ensuring we meet the needs of organizations and communities. By continually monitoring our progress and making adjustments as needed, we believe we can move closer to co-creating workplaces that embody and practice the values of justice and equity.

Our Theory of Change can be viewed holistically as a series of actions every organization can take as they move through their DEI journey.

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