DEI Training,
Coaching & Consulting

All of our offerings are customizable to your organization, industry, and particular needs-- nothing is completely ‘out of the box’. We pride ourselves on a ‘high-touch’ approach, making sure that you feel heard and supported at every point during our engagement.

Get knowing new candidates for job

Our training is built to effect real change. We focus on:

  • list-icon_mark Facilitating discussions on ways to ‘move the needle’
  • list-icon_mark Asking the difficult questions
  • list-icon_mark How to think holistically about how DEI is woven into your organization

In-Person and Virtual Learning

All of our workshops can be offered either in-person or virtually. All of our workshops are typically limited in number of attendees, so each individual can receive one on one support and engagement with the facilitator. We cater to a variety of learning styles, ensuring that no matter who is in attendance, they will take away important learnings and awareness.

Virtual workshops allow for your remote and distributed teams to log in and learn together, in an engaging and interactive way, from the comfort of their own homes or offices. The virtual experience allows for one-on-one support through the use of video, visuals, audio, breakouts, and chat. Virtual workshops are conducted live but can be recorded for playback later, to review an important point or to share with a teammate who had to drop off early.

The SGO Approach



We tailor our vast content repository to your specific requirements, providing a framework for understanding concepts so that participants feel empowered to have conversations with colleagues outside of the training.



We provide effective tools and strategies to mitigate bias. Our training creates a lifelong learning experience and lasting change, from the bottom up as well as top-down.



Our educators have deep experience in the fields of diversity, equity, and inclusion.



We create a safe space for meaningful, often difficult conversations, removing the fear of being “called out” or saying the “wrong thing”.

Business Team Meeting Seminar Training Concept

Who do we work with?

Our programming is aimed at a corporate audience and are intended to support and complement existing internal initiatives. We encourage employees at all levels and experience including hiring managers, recruiters, people managers, executives and directors to participate in these conversations.

Meet our DEI team

Felicia Jadczak

CO-CEO & Head of Training

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Felicia Jadczak

Felicia is Co-Founder, Co-CEO, and Head of Training at She+ Geeks Out. Felicia is a recognized speaker and consultant in the diversity, equity and inclusion field. She has extensive and personal experience with leadership, innovation, women in the workforce, the multiracial experience, and disability. Prior to co-founding SGO, she worked in the technology industry for over ten years, providing strategic guidance and programming for ERGs, DEI councils, and C-suite members. In 2016 she pivoted to focus solely on She+ Geeks Out, where she oversees SGO’s DEI programming and facilitation team.

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Rachel Murray

CO-CEO & Head of Coms

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Rachel Murray

Rachel is Co-CEO, Co-Founder, and Head of COMS (Community, Operations, Marketing & Sales) at She+ Geeks Out. For much of her career, she managed websites for a variety of companies and organizations and managed teams both abroad and stateside. Since 2013, Rachel has run several businesses. In 2016, she transitioned to focus solely on She+ Geeks Out. Rachel runs community, sales, tech, operations, and finance, and works closely with Co-CEO Felicia Jadczak on strategy and on corporate programming on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Akyanna Smith

Public Program Manager

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Akyanna Smith

Akyanna is the Public Programs Manager for She+ Geeks Out. Coming from higher education, Akyanna has 6 years of event and program management experience with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion programming and curriculum development. Akyanna’s passion is creating experiences for folks to connect, learn, and grow alongside each other. She loves working with her team to expand offerings and try new things!

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Fatima Dainkeh

Staff Dei Programs And Training Manager

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Fatima Dainkeh

Fatima Dainkeh is the Staff DEI Programs and Training Manager for She+ Geeks Out, specializing in topics about racism, sexism, and the ways we experience life based on constructs that uphold systems of oppression. Fatima has facilitated conversations and conducted trainings with leaders and members of schools, organizations and companies to help raise equity consciousness, while also providing knowledge, tips and strategies to help support institutional change. As a facilitator who believes in the power of sharing our stories, Fatima uses storytelling as a tool for individuals and groups to connect with one another, while also using it as an opportunity for us to witness different perspectives and realities.

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Participant Feedback

"I thought this was one of the best workshops I have attended because I was able to engage in challenging content without the triggering panic. The educational visuals were amazing and somehow, the content structure was able to remain neutral while still conveying sometimes uncomfortable topics. I also appreciated the pace and shared scientific info (educational and non- patronizing). Great work!! Would highly recommend."


"She+ Geeks Out delivers training like none other. They are engaging, conversational, educational, and accepting of everyone's thoughts and opinions. Contributing to the success are my amazing colleagues that take part in these conversations, but credit has to be given to SGO for fostering an environment in which these important conversations can occur. If you are considering a greater focus on DEI in 2023, you have to take a look at She+ Geeks Out. You'll learn a ton and be glad you made the investment!"


"This workshop was one that was very eye opening. It helped me dig down deep to learn more about myself which has also made me more mindful of how I operate with others. My facilitator was awesome and helped my group feel at ease with uncomfortable conversations, which led to great engagement from the participants."

National Nonprofit Organization

"Every team member who did the workshop loved it, and our leadership team is adamant that we bring in SGO again for a team-wide, mandatory workshop!"


"The facilitation was really spot on with the balance between educating, giving time to process/think, and giving space for people to speak up. The facilitator was also really welcoming and affirming of each comment/observation that was shared, which created a very positive learning environment. The use of breakout rooms to engage in conversation combined with sharing key points in the larger group was a great way to facilitate everyone's engagement, too."


"The conversations of the group were great. We all had varied opinions, and I liked how safe the conversation felt. The facilitators really made it a positive experience."



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