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Webinar: Combating Anti-Asian Sentiments in the Workplace

SGO co-CEO Felicia Jadczak will discuss how Anti-Asian hate impacts the workplace and share tips and strategies for combating xenophobia. Overview: Anti-Asian hate is on the rise in the US. In this webinar, SGO co-CEO Felicia Jadczak will discuss what implications this has for Asian communities in the workplace, examples of how Anti-Asian sentiment manifests ...

Leading DEI Conversations

Over the course of five interactive facilitator-led virtual sessions, you’ll gain support and tools that you can put into use when you’re navigating conversations related to identity, privilege, power, and organizational change in your workplace. Learn more!


Webinar: Leading with Compassion: Emotionally Intelligent Management

DEI Facilitator Rachel Sadler will explore emotional intelligence for managers and provide strategies to enhance your skills.Overview: As a manager, you understand the importance of having a high-performing team. Emotional intelligence plays a critical role in achieving this goal. In this webinar, DEI Facilitator Rachel Sadler will explore the importance of emotional intelligence for managers ...

Webinar: The Toll of Racial Ambiguity

DEI Facilitator Kia Rivera will discuss the origin of colorism in the United States and its many negative consequences. Overview: Colorism, or discrimination on skin color, is pervasive in American society and affects people of all races and ethnicities. DEI Facilitator Kia Rivera will discuss the origin of colorism in the United States and its ...

Webinar: Integrating Embodiment and Somatics in your DEI Work

Join SGO DEI Staff Programs and Training Manager Fatima Dainkeh as she shares how to navigate resistance in DEI work. Ready to take your DEI efforts to the next level? Join our webinar on embodiment and somatics and learn how to deepen your impact by tapping into the wisdom of your body. Whether you're a ...

Webinar: Retaining Top Talent with Inclusive Onboarding

Join us for an insightful webinar on inclusive onboarding with SGO Facilitator Kia Rivera! SGO Facilitator, Kia Rivera, will share best practices and strategies companies can use to ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment for new employees. In this webinar, you'll learn how to create an inclusive onboarding process that promotes a sense of belonging ...

Webinar: Identity and Intersectionality in the Workplace

SGO Co-Founder Felicia Jadczak will define intersectionality and discuss how we can consider intersecting identities within the workplace. Overview: When considering identity, especially the various identities that may or may not be represented within your organization, it's essential to recognize that everyone has multiple identities. Intersectionality is a term and concept coined to describe the ...