The SGO Approach

We deliver engaging, thoughtful, and action-oriented programming designed specifically for a workplace context. Programming is led by experienced facilitators on a variety of topics and areas.

Program Features

Diverse Group in a Successful Business Meeting
  • list-icon_mark Action-oriented
  • list-icon_mark Customized approach
  • list-icon_mark Tailored to your specific requirements
  • list-icon_mark Non-judgmental space
  • list-icon_mark Empower participants to have difficult conversations
  • list-icon_mark Effective tools and strategies to mitigate bias
  • list-icon_mark Situation-based instructional design
  • list-icon_mark Deep expertise and experience
Participant Feedback

"I thought this was one of the best workshops I have attended because I was able to engage in challenging content without the triggering panic. The educational visuals were amazing and somehow, the content structure was able to remain neutral while still conveying sometimes uncomfortable topics. I also appreciated the pace and shared scientific info (educational and non- patronizing). Great work!! Would highly recommend."


"She+ Geeks Out delivers training like none other. They are engaging, conversational, educational, and accepting of everyone's thoughts and opinions. Contributing to the success are my amazing colleagues that take part in these conversations, but credit has to be given to SGO for fostering an environment in which these important conversations can occur. If you are considering a greater focus on DEI in 2023, you have to take a look at She+ Geeks Out. You'll learn a ton and be glad you made the investment!"


"This workshop was one that was very eye opening. It helped me dig down deep to learn more about myself which has also made me more mindful of how I operate with others. My facilitator was awesome and helped my group feel at ease with uncomfortable conversations, which led to great engagement from the participants."

National Nonprofit Organization

"Every team member who did the workshop loved it, and our leadership team is adamant that we bring in SGO again for a team-wide, mandatory workshop!"


"The facilitation was really spot on with the balance between educating, giving time to process/think, and giving space for people to speak up. The facilitator was also really welcoming and affirming of each comment/observation that was shared, which created a very positive learning environment. The use of breakout rooms to engage in conversation combined with sharing key points in the larger group was a great way to facilitate everyone's engagement, too."


"The conversations of the group were great. We all had varied opinions, and I liked how safe the conversation felt. The facilitators really made it a positive experience."


Our Process



We establish an understanding of your DEI goals and needs. We may have some specific questions so we can adequately tailor our resources to a program customized specifically to your company.





Once we have the information we need, we’ll start discussing options for your program at a high level; full details, including all deliverables, will be captured in a draft scope of work (‘SOW’) document prepared after our discussion.



On a subsequent call, we’ll review the draft SOW together with you. We’ll confirm details, ensure we are aligned, and answer any additional questions. If any adjustments are needed, we will make them together, in real-time.





We take the SOW document, with the discussed adjustments and changes incorporated, and convert it into an executable document for your final approval and e-signature.



Within 3-5 business days of signature, we send an onboarding email to you to introduce the rest of the SGO team who will be working on your program. We schedule a planning call to begin preparing your training content and review logistics.


How It Works

Before the program

  • Group 1848 Pre-program planning to confirm content, logistics, attendee information with you and your team
  • Group 1848 Attendees are sent an anonymous survey, allowing us to understand who will be present and their knowledge and experience with the topics
  • Group 1848 We address any specific concerns and adjust the content as necessary
A small group of business professionals sit around a table as they meet to brainstorm some ideas for the future of the company. They are each dressed professionally and have papers scattered out in front of them as they work together.

During the program

  • Group 1848 Workshops are highly engaging and interactive. Content is delivered live (virtually or in-person), and/or asynchronously through our online e-learning courses
  • Group 1848 Workshops have built-in small group activities, one-on-one discussions, and break-out exercises
  • Group 1848 Each attendee receives their own personal toolkit, filled with information and educational tools

After the program

  • Group 1848 Post-session surveys are sent out to attendees after each workshop completion, to establish baseline data gathering and metrics.
  • Group 1848 Facilitators are available for post-session support
  • Group 1848 SGO will share and review feedback with you after the program ends

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