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Webinar: Leveraging Women’s ERGs to Cultivate Psychological Safety in the Workplace

In this webinar, we'll review the purpose, structure, and impact of women Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as powerful agents of change. We'll discuss the significance of psychological safety and learn practical strategies to create a safer and more supportive environment for women. Explore the importance of using an intersectional lens, ensuring your workplace is equipped ...

Webinar: Understanding Cultural Differences in the Workplace

Do you or your team struggle with communicating and collaborating with people from different cultural backgrounds effectively? Join us for our Understanding Cultural Differences webinar, where you’ll explore the definitions of awareness, competence, and humility to deepen your understanding of the cultural diversity that exists in the workplace.   By attending this webinar, you'll be able ...

Webinar: Creating an Inclusive Culture in the Workplace

In this webinar, we explore the concepts of inclusion and belonging as a foundation for understanding what it means to create an inclusive culture in the workplace. By attending this webinar, you’ll learn:  This webinar is for you if you:  You'll receive 1 SHRM professional development credit for attending this webinar. About the Facilitator: Felicia ...

Webinar: Giving and Receiving Effective and Inclusive Feedback

When done effectively and inclusively, giving and receiving feedback can help your team learn how they perform and improve while leveraging strengths and celebrating success. This webinar is designed for those who are looking to learn and practice ways to give and receive feedback as individual contributors, managers, and leaders of their companies.  After attending ...