Coaching & Consulting Services

Strategy and Assessment

Our consulting services are designed to provide actionable strategies for moving the needle toward greater diversity, equity, and inclusion at your organization. We use a variety of tools to better understand where your organization is and help you to prioritize the work so that you can make real progress toward meaningful change.


Our proprietary Workplace Equity Analysis tool is used to establish a baseline on several key indicators for creating an equitable workforce:

  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Work environment and benefits
  • Meetings
  • Growth opportunities
  • Communication
  • Community

We set aside time to walk you through the analysis, allow you time to review it on your own with leadership and others in people management, and review where there are opportunities for improvement.


If your organization hasn’t conducted an anonymous DEI survey or and employee engagement survey with a DEI component, we highly recommend this as a first step toward learning what your organization is looking to leadership. We can analyze results from your existing survey. We can also prepare the survey and provide templated communication to share with your staff. We’ve found that the benefit to a third party sending out the survey is there can be greater trust in the anonymity of the survey. We will provide you with aggregated information that includes strengths as well as opportunities for growth.


We will customize listening sessions for your organization which will be determined after a series of discovery conversations to better understand where we can gain the most insight. Listening sessions can be as few as three sessions and as many as six, depending on the size and goals of the organization. We provide a report of all listening sessions including recommendations. We walk you through the report and answer any questions you might have.


We will review any existing documentation around hiring and recruiting, performance reviews, your employee handbook, any diversity statements or other language provided internally or externally. We provide a report of the review including recommendations. We walk you through the report and answer any questions you might have.


We recommend quarterly checkins so that we can ensure that the recommendations we’ve made are being implemented in a way that feels supportive and is moving your organization in the right way. Checking in quarterly will allow you to course correct as needed and provide you an opportunity to ask questions that can come up during the implantation phase.


We provide a variety of coaching options to help you meet your goals and address difficult situations. Whether you're an executive grappling with how to use your power to make meaningful change at your organization, a DEI Committee looking for guidance on how to build and sustain connection within the organization, or are a manager looking to support your team, we will support you in all of your DEI endeavors.

We offer coaching for:

  • Executives/Senior Leaders
  • Small groups/DEI Councils/ERGs
  • People managers

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