Rise Up Program

The next cohort starts on September 20th!

Emma BFWe've partnered with the incredible Emma B-F to support you in becoming the leader you know you are, but aren't quite sure how to get there!

Here's what the program is:

  • Weekly zoom meetings but designed for YOU, not your company or 'the man'
  • Intentional and glorious facilitation by Emma B-F who has been there and done that
  • A space where you get to learn and connect with other incredible women+ (trust us, you're all amazing)
  • A way for you to get some REAL clarity on your goals and what the heck you want to do... and then ACT ON THEM

Here's what the program isn't:

  • A resume review or job search program
  • A straight up networking opportunity (yes, you'll meet other great peeps, but we're here to help you grow!)
  • A series of webinars - nope, you'll be on the hook for actual participation
  • Something you'll want to skip because something better came up - you won't... we know.

What You Get

✔️ Expert Facilitation -- Weekly coaching calls that allow you to practice using your voice in a safe and welcoming virtual space

✔️ Action-Oriented Toolbox -- Targeted and specific tools to help you get clear on your goals and take action toward achieving them

✔️ Video Library -- Go back to as needed for inspiration and guidance

✔️ Rich Resources -- Slides and resource links to go down rabbit holes for information - we are geeks after all, we like to source our stuff

✔️ Worksheets -- use and refer to as you continue to build out your plans for world domination

✔️ Stretch activities -- Take your skills and practice out into the world! Weekly activities are designed to help you implement and integrate new behaviors and ways of being. No worries--all activities are optional AND fun!

✔️ Private Slack Group -- A dedicated, closed slack channel within the She+ Geeks Out Community slack group where you can communicate with your coach and your cohort on your time. Giphys always encouraged!

✔️ Community -- An opportunity to be in community with a goals- and values-aligned sisterhood group, to act as your sounding board and a way to build out your personal board of directors

✔️ So Much More -- Fun surprises along the way!

Program Agenda

This leadership program is designed to provide you with actionable tools and the ability to practice what it means to step into your power and lead in practical and meaningful ways. This program is split into three sections.


We start with the inner work because in order to get clarity on what’s next for you, you have to tap into understanding where you are and what you want. 

Get Clear on Your Vision

Name Your Values

Share Your Story


Once you’ve had an opportunity to explore your north star, it’s time to learn how to apply them to your relationships. Whether it’s a manager, an employee, a colleague, or a client, we’ll give you the tools and let you practice how to communicate during challenging moments.

Flex Your Style

Create Connection & Influence

Navigate Conflict


One of the biggest challenges for many of us is using our voice to step into leadership and owning our power. Learn how to command attention in a group setting (both virtually and in-person!)

Get Comfy using your Voice, Your Authentic Executive Presence

Communicate with Confidence, Business Storytelling

Practice Storytelling, Setting Effective Boundaries

Graduation! Time to celebrate!

About Emma

Emma B-F is a speaker, trainer, and leadership coach for women in technology. She has worked with hundreds of women to maximize their confidence, accelerate their careers, and create massive impact. She cares deeply about creating equitable systems and leadership teams across technology companies and she speaks on international stages on topics including executive presence and courageous communication.

We know Emma's amazing, but don't take our word for it! Here's what just a few people have said:

This program has already proven to make real and powerful change. Here are some of the things people are saying about Emma and the Rise Up Program!

✨ Emma gets it. She understands how to get to the very difficult place of genuine empowerment in the workplace. I couldn't have asked for a better way to invest in myself and am so excited to continue to learn and grow with the incredible network of women that this program is introduced me to. Thank you, Emma!

✨  This program improved my confidence and taught me leadership skills that I can directly apply in the real-world. Emma's energy motivated me for each session and the speakers were quick effective learnings. The structure was great. I feel I accomplished something each time. Thank you!

✨  Emma will challenge you to dig deeper in your goals, and I've grown tremendously since I joined Rise Up. Not only am I walking in confidence, but I have released fear and anxiety around self-doubt. I am so glad I made the right choice to work with Emma!

✨  I love how Rise Up is based on tangible, everyday actions you can take to continually invest in yourself as an iterative process. It wasn't an overwhelming, high-pressure, silver bullet that would "fix" me, but rather a community in which I could learn about my self and grow with other women.

✨  Emma is by far the best person to be connected with if you are trying to push yourself to that next level, whatever that might mean to you. The confidence and self awareness I have gained in the past 3 months and the ability to get over myself and just do it in challenging situations has allowed me to grow exponentially. Thank you Emma for creating this space!

✨  The Rise Up Program effectively helps women get clear on their authentic leadership style. The coaching and community of support are there to help you learn, grow, and navigate your professional goals and challenges in real time. The investment in yourself is very much worth it.