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“She+ Geeks Out is changing the way networking is done” – Workable

We’re a community of 10,000+ women+ (and growing!). We provide a warm and welcoming space for tech and tech-adjacent women+ to connect and learn, while providing companies the opportunity to meet them. Partnering with us provides companies with a variety of benefits. Check them out below!

Hiring the Best Humans

We provide opportunities to connect with incredible women and other marginalized genders and nonbinary people who are interested in working for companies that care about creating a culturally diverse environment. We do this in a variety of ways:

  • Group 1848 Fabulous events
  • Group 1848 Our virtual Mighty Networks community
  • Group 1848 Newsletter and social media

Memorable Moments

Our events are highly organized and laser focused on creating a safe and fun space for everyone. We offer social, professional and personal growth events. What makes us different?

  • Group 1848 Follow up
  • Group 1848 Consistency
  • Group 1848 Transparency
  • Group 1848 A commitment to kindness


We’re thrilled to have such an incredible group of sponsors and partners. We look forward to helping you grow your brand so that you can establish your company as one that is committed to supporting equity in the workplace. We’ll promote you…

  • Group 1848 On our website
  • Group 1848 In our newsletters and on social
  • Group 1848 At our events

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