Hang with us on Slack

Want an invite to our awesome Slack team? Super, we’d love to have you over there!  Here are some benefits:

  1. It’s an invite-only community meaning we won’t let just anyone in. Just us fabulous SGO women and other marginalized genders!
  2. You can be notified when someone mentions you and there are updates to specific sub-channels. Speaking of channels, we’ve created several. Of COURSE we’ve got #jobs, but we’ve also got channels to discuss issues around gender and work, a place to announce other events, talk about anything food or startup-related, you get the picture! 
  3. You can create private channels or send a DM if you want to continue a conversation offline.
  4. There’s a handy directory where you can post your profile and others can see it and connect.
  5. You can save/favorite any messages or channels. You can save just about anything, so you can easily refer to it in the future.
  6. There’s an app for that. You can install an app on your computer or your phone and set it up to be notified when something happens.
  7. And, you can now say you use Slack when someone starts talking about it at another networking event. 😉

So, if we’ve convinced you, then super! Just fill out the below form. We’ll hook you up!