Women-Owned Staffing Firm Finds Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Expertise at She+ Geeks Out

KNF&T has been partnering with HR departments at established corporations, growing startups, and higher education institutions since 1983. With their conscientious approach and meticulously-chosen talent pool, KNF&T advises clients on how to develop and maintain an exceptional workforce.

Their Challenge:
As KNF&T specializes in helping candidates from underrepresented populations get hired, they understand that education about diversity-related issues is never finished. They reached out because they wanted to continue to strengthen their knowledge on topics related to diversity; specifically, diversity in hiring. Their goal: to provide the best possible guidance to clients seeking to develop and maintain an inclusive workforce.

Our Solution: 
Through an interactive and informative workshop with She+ Geeks Out, KNF&T employees explored common setbacks to diversity, equity, and inclusion that can constrain hiring processes. They expanded their knowledge on the concept of interviewing inclusively and practiced hands-on exercises designed to give them skills and tools that they can now put into action to overcome any potential obstacles they may encounter, whether they arise while hiring internally or while sourcing candidates.

The Results:
The open, engaging dialogues that began during the workshop continued long after. In the months after their workshop, KNF&T systematized several new inclusive practices in their work, all of which they trace back to their collaboration with She+ Geeks Out. The new, concrete changes at KNF&T include:

  • Identity-based conversations, including sharing pronouns, are now normalized
  • Employees have become more comfortable initiating these conversations and using related terminology
  • Resume sourcing and reviewing processes have been updated to reduce opportunities for unconscious bias to arise
  • Forms that ask about gender have been updated to be more inclusive of transgender and genderqueer job applicants

KNF&T and She+ Geeks Out have developed a partnership in order to continue these conversations and amplify them across the many industries in which KNF&T places staff. Through their commitment to ongoing education about current issues in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the KNF&T team will continue to hone the skills needed to accomplish their goals.

“I was looking for someone who was an expert in the field to train our staff. Someone who could help us be as well-versed as possible in diversity staffing to best advise our clients. We knew our knowledge had to be deepened. She+ Geeks Out had that expertise.”

Joanna DiTrapano, Director of Marketing and Operations, KNF&T Staffing Resources

At She+ Geeks Out we’re helping businesses embrace a path of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Contact us to bring dynamic, interactive training to your company!