Virtual Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshops

Virtual workshops allow for your remote and distributed teams to log in and learn together, in an engaging and interactive way, from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

The virtual experience allows for one-on-one support through the use of video, visuals, audio, breakouts, and chat. Given the unprecedented shift in how we work, we have a number of clients who are transitioning their in-person workshops to a virtual format and delivery. We have extensive experience in delivering programming in an effective and informative manner virtually.


  • We’ve delivered live virtual workshops since 2017.
  • Session sizes range from as few as 5 to as many as 50 attendees per session.
  • All training sessions are private, password-protected, and invite-only, with only the facilitator allowed to share their screen. However, should you be more comfortable with your preferred technology platform, we are happy to work with you to use the technology of your choice.
  • In order to have engaging sessions, we can create breakout groups and small discussion groups in advance or on the fly. We are able to mix it up so attendees get face time with a variety of their peers. This allows for us to support attendees having more intimate conversations with coworkers, and avoid a lecture-style delivery.
  • Any given virtual workshop time is limited to no more than two hours at a time. This alleviates attendees from having to watch a screen for long stretches of time, and allows us to build in activities to keep people interested and learning in between sessions.
  • Sessions feature live polling and chat features for a variety of communication channels. This allows for greater involvement during sessions, since there are more opportunities for attendees to share. Attendees can chat and share information between themselves and with the facilitator during the workshop.
  • All virtual workshops feature the same visual materials that are used in an in-person workshop. All virtual workshops also feature a workbook, which is shared with attendees before the session takes place. Attendees also will receive detailed instructions on how to access the workshop, how to prepare, and best practices, so everyone is familiar with the platform before the workshop starts. Attendees also have access to workbook files, a glossary of terms, resource links, videos, and any other materials that might be needed or associated with the session.
  • Every virtual session has the option to be recorded, so in case anyone has difficulty connecting or needs to drop off early, they can review and rewatch at a later time. The session recording will also include an audio transcript and the chat transcript, for additional ease of accessibility.
Participant Feedback

"I thought this was one of the best workshops I have attended because I was able to engage in challenging content without the triggering panic. The educational visuals were amazing and somehow, the content structure was able to remain neutral while still conveying sometimes uncomfortable topics. I also appreciated the pace and shared scientific info (educational and non- patronizing). Great work!! Would highly recommend."


"She+ Geeks Out delivers training like none other. They are engaging, conversational, educational, and accepting of everyone's thoughts and opinions. Contributing to the success are my amazing colleagues that take part in these conversations, but credit has to be given to SGO for fostering an environment in which these important conversations can occur. If you are considering a greater focus on DEI in 2023, you have to take a look at She+ Geeks Out. You'll learn a ton and be glad you made the investment!"


"This workshop was one that was very eye opening. It helped me dig down deep to learn more about myself which has also made me more mindful of how I operate with others. My facilitator was awesome and helped my group feel at ease with uncomfortable conversations, which led to great engagement from the participants."

National Nonprofit Organization

"Every team member who did the workshop loved it, and our leadership team is adamant that we bring in SGO again for a team-wide, mandatory workshop!"


"The facilitation was really spot on with the balance between educating, giving time to process/think, and giving space for people to speak up. The facilitator was also really welcoming and affirming of each comment/observation that was shared, which created a very positive learning environment. The use of breakout rooms to engage in conversation combined with sharing key points in the larger group was a great way to facilitate everyone's engagement, too."


"The conversations of the group were great. We all had varied opinions, and I liked how safe the conversation felt. The facilitators really made it a positive experience."


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