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Top 5 Blog Posts of 2021

2021 Top Blog Posts

In so many ways, 2021 felt like 2020 Part 2. But while it wasn’t the year we hoped for, there were bright spots in what people were looking for. When we look at the top viewed posts published on the She+ Geeks Out blog this year, we see people looking to see how they can get involved in equity work. You were looking for tangible steps and clear instructions for ways to make an impact. You wanted to find out how to do the work as a DEI leader. You wanted books to start DEI Book Clubs. You wanted to measure your efforts, gauge success, and identify opportunities for improvement. You wanted to confront racism. You wanted to abolish inequity and we continue to be inspired by your efforts. This wasn’t an easy year and it doesn’t look like 2022 is going to be a walk in the park either. But as long as you’re committed to continue to make an impact, we’ve got your back.

Below, we invite you to revisit the top posts of 2021. 

5. The First Five Steps to Take as a DEI Leader 
It’s the night before you start your new DEI role. You feel giddy with excitement about starting this new role in the morning. You really vibed with your new team and think that you’ve found great allies in the leaders that you’ll be partnering with. Although you sense some nervousness about the journey that lies ahead of you, overall you feel pumped with determination to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (‘DEI’) forward in your new organization and with the teams that you will be working with. Of the 401,648 jobs found on LinkedIn that are currently related to diversity, YOU landed one and feel invigorated and empowered by the opportunity to make long overdue changes in today’s workplace. 

4. Measuring Diversity and Inclusion Meaningfully
For many, the beginning of a new year marks a time of reflection upon the past year and an opportunity to set meaningful goals for lasting change. It can be particularly daunting to set goals when it comes to diversity and inclusion, but the rewards your company can gain from doing so can be immense if done properly. Once goals are defined, the metrics will flow naturally.

3. Recommended Books to Start a DEI Book Club at Your Workplace 2021
Last year we shared a list of books employees can read together if they’re thinking of starting or continuing a DEI book club at work. This year we’ve updated our list with new books that may support you and your team in discussing issues related to identity, privilege, allyship, media, and policy change. 

2. Confronting Anti-Asian Racism as BIPOC
She+ Geeks Out’s Felicia Jadczak, Co-CEO and Head of Training and Fatima Dainkeh, Learning and Development Manager, discuss the recent increase in anti-Asian hate crimes happening in the US. They also discuss what it means to support BIPOC people overall, Asian Americans and Asians as a specific group, and how that all connects when we’re talking about the complexity of allyship among BIPOC.

1. DEI Steering Committee – Part 1: 3 Steps to Forming an Effective DEI Steering Committee
In the wake of the events of 2020 and early 2021, your organization may have realized that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training is a starting point towards a larger DEI journey.  If you’re eager to put what you learned during training into action and create organizational change, consider forming a DEI Steering Committee/Council.  Forming a DEI Steering Committee/Council is not the only or final step in your organization’s DEI journey but it is an important one.