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She+ Geeks Out Daily Routine Since COVID-19: Co-CEO Rachel Murray

Covid Daily Routine

This is the second part of a series where we share the daily routine of each member on the She+ Geeks Out team!

It’s been over two months since we’ve been physically distancing and mostly staying at home. As a company, many things are in the air so we’ve been embracing the uncertainty and our co-founders have been extremely transparent and communicative with us. While it’s been challenging for many reasons, we recognize that the impact of this pandemic has exacerbated many inequities and has forced us to really look at the structures that surround us. As we’re figuring out our personal lives, we’re also figuring out what it means to leverage privilege and practice communal care during these times. This is why it’s so important for us to continue to host virtual events, talks, training, and webinars so we can support our clients, sponsors, and general community. 

On a personal level, I haven’t had to worry about too many things and if anything, a lot of what I’ve been figuring out is how to work remotely and be productive when I can. Fortunately our team is run by two compassionate CEOs that get it! We’re not just getting work done, but we’re also creating time for grief, tiredness, lack of focus, and all of the emotions that follow. We’ve had honest conversations about what our work looks like now and how we can support each other to make working from home work. To that end, we’ve taken the time to reflect on what our daily routine looks like. We believe sharing with each other and with our community gives ideas for support, and allows us to realize that it’s okay to not have a perfect routine. 

For our second post, we are featuring Rachel Murray’s, Co-founder and Co-CEO of She+ Geeks Out, daily routine.

– Fatima Dainkeh, Learning & Development Manager for She+ Geeks Out

Somewhere between 6:00AM and 6:30AM – My cats not so lovingly remind me that they would like to be fed. I get up, feed the nuggets, open the shades and let the sun shine in (thanks to these longer days!). While I wait for the cats to finish (it’s a whole process), there are usually a few dishes to take care of, I listen to local public radio, and scroll through emails.

Enjoying my quarantine grays! I’ve decided to stop dying my hair for good!

6:30AM – Workout time! I’ll either go for a run or do a HIIT workout in the apartment. I usually will do this four out of five weekday mornings. When I don’t do this, I’m grouchy and am pretty sure it’s straight up the end of the world. When I do this, I don’t feel quite as much like it’s end times. The difference is drastic!

7:30AM – Shower and breakfast time! I will pretty consistently go through the following sites: latimes.com, cnn.com, cnbc.com, and sandiegouniontribune.com. Before all this happened, I was a pretty frequent Rachel Maddow podcast listener in the AMs, and would peruse politico.com and fivethirtyeight.com, but honestly I have pretty much no emotional bandwidth for politics right now.

8:00AM – Online and ready to work with my east coast buddies, where it’s already 11am their time! So many emails to respond to and we’re working hard to create a lot of programming to support the community, so it’s a bit of a blur. We’re also working on converting all in person events from IRL to virtual. We planned to have around 30 events this year, so it’s a lot of work to reconfigure! I also take care of a lot of the operational side of the business, so that’s finance, tech, operations, and I work with our lovely marketing manager to do all the marketing-y things to let everyone know what we’re up to so you can participate! I’m not great at taking breaks, and I work from our kitchen/dining/living area which is kind of small so I’ll just get up, get some coffee, or snacks, and get back to it! Oh and I listen to a lot of Spotify during all of this! 

Safely distanced but still outside!

3:00PM – I’m usually cooked by now and my east coast colleagues are offline. If I’ve got to plow through some more things before tomorrow, I’ll do that for another hour, but ideally I stop at this point and go for a long walk. I’m lucky to live in San Diego where the weather is truly glorious. Going for walks is so healing. My husband usually has to work west coast hours, so he’s not always able to join, but it’s great when he can. Or sometimes we just go later, before dinner. We look for the seals that hang out by the water. They always make us happy!

6:00PM – We’re early birds, so by now, dinner is being prepared. We’re fans of Green Chef, which covers us for 3 of the 7 days. We also usually have one day where we visit our quarantine couple friends from a safe distance in their backyard. They have a grill! The other few days, we’ll improvise or try takeout one day a week. Support local business AND eat delicious food that someone else cooked? Win win!

7:30PM – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime – it’s an embarrassment of riches and we are grateful to be in a vegetative state for the next few hours. At 8pm, the neighbors support healthcare workers with airhorns, camera lights, and banging on pans for five minutes. We think it’s getting more aggressive as people get antsier!

9:30PM – Bedtime! It usually takes me about five minutes of reading just about any book before I pass out. I try to read the most benign books. Currently it’s The Lady Sherlock Series. Victorian era light mystery? Yes please!