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Podcast Episode 15: WordPress & Design with Mel Choyce

Podcast Episode 14: Bonus Episode! Felicia and Rachel chat about the current state of affairs

Alert: bonus episode! Otherwise known as, we were in the podcasting groove, decided to hit record, and here’s what happened!

In this bonus episode, we’re keeping it current! We have things to share so we’re doing it now, while it’s fresh and we have microphones. We are days away from the election (it’s so hard to hold your breath this long!), the season premiere of The Walking Dead was as devastating as promised (be warned, we do talk about what happened in Episode One so if you haven’t watched it and somehow don’t know what happened by now but actually care, don’t listen!), ClassPass changed their business model, and we’re talking briefly about our latest offering, corporate training on issues of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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