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Meet Aquabyte

Aquabyte is a San Francisco and Norway-based venture-backed startup applying machine learning & computer vision to aquaculture, one of the fastest growing sectors of food production on the planet, offering a meaningful solution to global food deficits. They have offices in San Francisco and Norway and are hiring engineers – you should totally work with them!

Why did you decide to sponsor She+ Geeks Out?

At Aquabyte, we want to promote a company culture that champions diversity and inclusion.  We think this is especially important for us because we do operate at the intersection of two traditionally male-dominated fields – technology and aquaculture. By reaching out to organizations such as She+ Geeks Out, we want to be proactive in fostering these values.

What has your SGO experience been like?

It has been great working with the SGO team, and we have had the opportunity to meet a number of inspiring women through this experience. We were even lucky enough that one of our investor’s operating partners, Martina Lauchengco at Costanoa Ventures, agreed to be a speaker.

Have you received any feedback from your employees about the company’s involvement with SGO?

The team is really excited to be partnering with SGO. Our product is centered around bridging the best of machine learning and computer vision in Silicon Valley with aquaculture in Norway, and a core part of that is working with the best and brightest engineers. SGO was a fun way for us to connect with female engineers in a more casual setting.

How do you see the SF Bay Area as an important community for supporting women in tech?

The Bay Area is a community of talented people with big ideas on how to change the world. As the rest of the world looks to Silicon Valley as a model of innovation, Aquabyte is a strong believer that the SF Bay Area tech community needs to do its part in championing progress in gender diversity. Tech companies can work together to promote awareness that increased gender diversity brings better performance (more diversity of thought, creativity, and innovation).  It is important that women feel both comfortable in both engineering and business roles, and inspired to speak up when they have great ideas, as well as join or found startups that execute on these ideas.

What do you geek out about?

It’s no surprise that we geek out about aquaculture! Most of us don’t have a background in aquaculture, so we learn something new about fish farming every day. For example, we were surprised to find out that salmon actually gain more weight than the weight of food they consume – we’re just glad humans aren’t like that! We also have some great salmon-inspired souvenirs and Norwegian snacks in our office. We welcome you to stop by and say hi!