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Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Nonprofits

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Clothing & Accessories

clothes and accessories holiday gift guide

This year we’re mixing up our annual Holiday Gift Guide, giving you bits and pieces of love over the next several weeks. Why do we make this guide every year? Because we love to shop, give gifts, and support women and other marginalized genders-owned businesses. And we also love sharing. Sharing is CARING!

Oh and let’s make one thing very clear, we believe in giving ourselves gifts, too, and if there’s any year when that should happen, it’s 2020. So treat yourself if you’re able!

Last week, we dug into Home & Office. This week? Clothes and accessories! Go forth and treat yourself… or someone else!

The Outrage

We have all the feels for The Outrage. We stumbled on them a few years ago at the MA Conference for Women and have been enamored with them and their no BS style ever since. This is where you go to smash the patriarchy with style.

OUR PICK: Good Trouble Holiday Sweater $65

This is just ONE of several incredibly festive and on point holiday sweaters. Get on that video call with your fam and represent both the holiday spirit and your rights in our democracy. Win win!

Hire Women

We love this Latina-owned and operated shop, filled with fabulous items to give to your BFF, family, or yourself! High quality and positive message tees, hats, masks and more are available in vibrant style!

Our Pick: Support Your Homegirls Hoodie $49.99

It’s soft, comfy and PINK! This SUPPORT YOUR HOMEGIRLS cropped hoodie makes a very obvious point, it’s a no brainer. Let’s build each other up. We’re strong together –ALWAYS!

Coding Crystals

Software engineer Linda Viva’s pieces are all inspired by STEM, so how could we not include them? It doesn’t hurt that they’re GORGEOUS, too. These original pieces include rings, pins, earrings, and more!

Our Pick: TECHIE Double Finger Ring $19.99

There’s hope that we’ll be able to see each other in person more often again soon, but in the meantime, if you’re on a video call and your hand happens to go by your face and you happen to be wearing this double finger ring, we’d be very surprised if you didn’t get a compliment on it. It’s unique, fun, and just so cool!

I Love My Nighty

I Love My Nighty does the hard thing – makes us comfy AND stylish. Who doesn’t want to wrap themselves in something special that looks and feels great too? They’ve got you covered with nightgowns, robes, and leisurewear. Mmmm, we’re feeling comfier already!

Our Pick: Janey Lu Hooded Nightgown $104

Eco-friendly. Stylish. Stretchy. It HAS POCKETS. And a HOOD for when you want to just hide a little bit. Can you wear it outside? Yes. Will you want to wear it inside? Definitely. So the only problem might be when do you wash it? Maybe it’ll make sense to get two?

Aura By Jewel

Aura By Jewel creates beautiful, handmade polymer clay creations and describes the shop as “a safe space where we affirm the humanity of black women through conversation. Together we change the narrative of what it means to be a strong black woman, embrace vulnerability and acknowledge that we too are human with the right to feel.”

Our Pick: Surrender-Handmade Statement Polymer Clay Earrings $40

Gorgeous, handmade clay earrings. We love the earthy, natural feel of these, with a bit of glam. Perfect for dressing up or down, whenever you want to let your earrings make a statement!

We hope you stay safe and have a fun time shopping!