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Hiring Spotlight: Meet Jory & Lorin

Lorin and Jory

Jory and Lorin have been long time supporters of SGO and we couldn’t be happier to share their story. Jory, COO of Bocoup, was looking for a kick-ass project manager that would fit in with the team. Lorin wanted to work for a company that aligned with her mission and felt good about the people. It was easy to see how the two would get along and make a great fit. Read on for the details!

Tell us a little bit about yourself– what’s your background and your story?

Lorin: I moved back to Boston from the San Francisco Bay Area after earning my MBA and MS in Information Systems at Boston University. I had experience in project management and consulting in a lot of different organizations, including working for Chevron right out of business school. When I started looking for my next job, I wanted it to be with an organization I could feel really good about in terms of mission, operations and most importantly people.

Jory: I’m also a transplant – I moved here from Oklahoma and joined Bocoup, an open source technology company, in 2012. My background is actually in journalism, but I’ve always been really drawn to complex, technical work. Bocoup hired me to help build our education department, which for me was a great mix of understanding deeply technical things and telling the story of why it, and the philosophy of open source software, is important. I still do that today, though in a different capacity as our COO.


What do you geek out about?

Lorin: Anything to do with human behavior! I love thinking about what makes people tick and discovering how we can all bring out the best in each other. Also craftiness, music and basketball.

Jory: I geek out a lot about organizational psychology and design, particularly as it relates to software and standards development. I think how and why we organize is really interesting. Also street art, my dog Ein, and infectious diseases.


How did you find She+ Geeks Out?

Lorin: Felicia was my classmate at BU!

Jory: A friend on Twitter shared that the ‘Girl Geek Dinner’ group was starting back up, and my friend Cassie and I were curious about it so we went. We ended up making a really great new friend that very night and I’ve been coming back ever since.


You’re both frequent flyers here at She+ Geeks Out. What keeps you coming back?

Lorin: From the first event I went to at Yesware, I felt so comfortable and engaged. The talks were great food for thought – and also very diverse in nature. I thought the attendees were so impressive overall – everyone was so interesting and open to making new connections. That hasn’t changed, and with the structure of the monthly events (new venues/food, new speakers, new topics) it feels very different each time.

Jory: I love any excuse to hang out, but I’m usually really busy and often miss seeing my non-work friends. SGO for me is a comfortable mix between hanging out with friends, networking for work, and maybe learning something new.  


Lorin: how was the process for looking for a job for you with She+ Geeks Out (but also more broadly in Beantown)?

It was long! And slow. I discovered a lot of cool companies but verrry slowly, mostly because it’s impossible to tell anything real about the organization from its website or LinkedIn page – or even the first handful of people you talk to.


Jory: tell us about Bocoup and what makes it special?

Bocoup is a consulting company that helps organizations solve technical problems with open web tools instead of proprietary software. We research, create, and implement new open technologies and build community and education around those solutions. We do this all in service of increasing access, quality, diversity and openness for the web, and whatever comes next. That’s our mission.

Moreover, every single person at Bocoup cares deeply about creating substantial improvements for both developers and users, and we’re all in it for the long-haul. Bocoupers are also some of the most compassionate, talented folks I know – Bocoup is special for many reasons, but if I had to pick one, I’d have to say it’s the people.  


Jory: how long were you looking to hire for Lorin’s position?

I started looking seriously sometime around Thanksgiving– so I think it was right at a month between then and the time I met Lorin.


How did you connect specifically through She+ Geeks Out? An event? A personal intro through another SGO person? Slack?

Lorin: Slack! Jory, who I had never met at the time, posted to the [private SGO] channel that she was looking for a PM and I messaged her to find out more. Looking back I definitely would not have done that if it was a venue like LinkedIn. Being in the SGO channel made me feel more optimistic about forming a real connection.

Jory: Yep – Rachel and Felicia asked us to join these Slack channels, so I did because I’m already in Slack all day. I saw the jobs channel and said, oh, what the heck. I think I got a message from Lorin that very afternoon.


What was the job process  like once you were able to connect?

Lorin: After meeting with Jory in person, I think I talked to half of the people at Bocoup, and was more and more impressed the more people I met. Everyone was so intelligent and clearly invested in, but very open about, their experience at Bocoup – each interview definitely felt like a two-way evaluation. Once I came in for an onsite interview and saw how all these brilliant people interact with each other, I was really sold.

Jory: Lorin and I met at a coffee shop and fell immediately into easy conversation. She didn’t shy away from discussing difficult problems, and I really liked how she spoke about her work at Chevron. It was clear in our first meeting that she shared Bocoup values, so I was excited to introduce her to the rest of the team to see if she would fit the culture and dig the work. When one of my team members followed up with an email full of heart emoji, and another offered to donate their full salary to bring her on board, I knew we’d found our project manager.  


How is it going so far?

Lorin: I’m loving it! It’s only been a few weeks but I am embracing it and definitely feel embraced back. My role is offering all the challenges I hoped it would, and the team is everything I could ask for. And Jory is awesome!

Jory: Lorin jumped fearlessly into life at Bocoup, and has already earned an immense amount of respect from her teammates. She makes work fun, yet keeps it professional, and learns very quickly. It’s clear that her team feels much more confident and proud of their work as a result of hers, and I can’t wait to see the impact she’s going to have on the rest of company as we all get to work more closely with her!

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Felicia Jadczak
Felicia Jadczak
Felicia is a Co-Founder of She Geeks Out.