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She+ Geeks Out Daily Routine Since COVID-19: Co-CEO Felicia Jadczak

Covid Daily Routine

This is the first part of a series where we share the daily routine of each member on the She+ Geeks Out team!

It’s been two months since we’ve been physically distancing and mostly staying at home. As a company, many things are in the air so we’ve been embracing the uncertainty and our co-founders have been extremely transparent and communicative with us. While it’s been challenging for many reasons, we recognize that the impact of this pandemic has exacerbated many inequities and has forced us to really look at the structures that surround us. As we’re figuring out our personal lives, we’re also figuring out what it means to leverage privilege and practice communal care during these times. This is why it’s so important for us to continue to host virtual events, talks, training, and webinars so we can support our clients, sponsors, and general community. 

On a personal level, I haven’t had to worry about too many things and if anything, a lot of what I’ve been figuring out is how to work remotely and be productive when I can. Fortunately our team is run by two compassionate CEOs that get it! We’re not just getting work done, but we’re also creating time for grief, tiredness, lack of focus, and all of the emotions that follow. We’ve had honest conversations about what our work looks like now and how we can support each other to make working from home work. To that end, we’ve taken the time to reflect on what our daily routine looks like. We believe sharing with each other and with our community gives ideas for support, and allows us to realize that it’s okay to not have a perfect routine. 

For our first post, we are featuring Felicia Jadczak’s, Co-founder and Co-CEO of She+ Geeks Out, daily routine.

– Fatima Dainkeh, Learning & Development Manager for She+ Geeks Out

6:00 AM
My partner Steve gets up. His unofficial job is to make the first pot of coffee of the day, feed the cat, and take a bath. I immediately roll over and go back to sleep.

7:30 AM
My alarm goes off on my phone, and I begrudgingly get up. I’ve been noticing that I’ve needed more sleep than ever these days, and I’ve also been having very intense dreams. I get up, brush my teeth, and make myself a cup of coffee.

7:45 AM
I join Steve on the couch in our living room and catch up with him. He likes to watch the morning news and listen to WGBH, which I only half-listen to since I like to spend some time in the morning without my hearing aids in. (The newscasters sound like the adults in the Charlie Brown movies to me, it’s a much less intense way to consume the daily fresh updates from hell). I take a quick look through my phone to make sure there’s nothing urgent that I need to attend to– I glance over my emails, confirm my schedule for the day, take a look at social media updates, and scroll obsessively through Twitter on both my personal and work accounts. If the weather’s nice, I might be doing this from my porch.  

8:30 AM
I head to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and decide if my bedhead will translate well over a video call. If the answer is yes, I wash my face and change into comfy sweats and top. If no, I’ll hop in the shower. I haven’t really been wearing makeup since I’ve been staying home, but if I know I’ll have video calls with clients or I’ll be speaking on a webinar, I’ll put on some tinted moisturizer and a bold lip. My hair has been a bit crazy but I’m excited to see where the mullet takes me.

8:55 AM
I head into my home office to get online. My cat Jean-Luc Picat has started to join me in the office– I work and he sleeps on a chair in the corner. If he hasn’t already settled in, I’ll say ‘it’s time to go to work, JLP!’, and he comes running. 

9:00 AM
I check my emails and sign on to our company Slack team to check in. We have a team practice of checking in with each other when we start work. The check in is to share what we’re working on, what our schedule looks like, and what our intentions are for the day. The work begins!

12:00 PM
I let the team know I’m going to step away to have lunch, and I update my Slack away message with a different food-related emoji so they know I’m not going to be as responsive. 

12:15 PM
I actually step away from the computer and go have lunch. I plan to go walk and get some steps in, but usually end up reading through a few newsletters instead. Some favorites are Fortune’s The Broadsheet and raceAhead

12:30 PM 
I try to shoot a quick note to a friend- whether it’s a text, a WhatsApp message, or even an Instagram DM- just to say hi. Then I hop back online. The rest of the day is spent chatting with current clients, potential clients, different team members, and/or working on producing content, recording videos, and going through my task list on Asana and HubSpot (my trashbrain is too overloaded so if I have to do something and it’s not a task in one of those two places, it doesn’t exist). 

5:00 PM
We’ve been holding SGO events after work, starting at 5 PM- since everything’s virtual, there’s no need to worry about commuting or dealing with traffic! Both our community events and our DEI events typically have a bit of networking as part of the agenda, so I catch up with old friends and meet new people, all from the comfort of my home office.

7:00 PM
Workout! I’ve been mixing it up with a combination of workouts. Two current favorites are Aaptiv (app) and The Wellness Blueprint (local small business offering pay-what-you-will/free virtual workouts). 

8:00 PM
Steve and I eat dinner together (he usually cooks, and I happily eat). We catch up on how our days went, discuss what’s going on in the world, and make fun of JLP. 

9:00 PM 
We unwind by catching up on tv (Jeopardy, Bob’s Burgers, Rick and Morty, Schitt’s Creek), a virtual comedy show, or an online concert– on Tuesday nights we’ll usually join Phish’s Dinner and a Movie series and stream it in our living room.  

10:30 PM
I head towards bed. I’ve been trying to keep a journal so I can remember these crazy times- I’m not super diligent about writing in it every night, but I try and jot down at least a few lines every night that capture what happened each day. I’m also trying to cut down on my screen time so I’ll read a few chapters of whatever book I’m currently reading, on my own or for my (now virtual) book club. 

11:30 PM
Lights out! 

Felicia Jadczak
Felicia Jadczak
Felicia is a Co-Founder of She Geeks Out.