Fatima Dainkeh

Fatima Dainkeh (fah-team-ah, dane-kay) is the Director of Training at She+ Geeks Out, where she specializes in topics related to systems of oppression, change management, and liberatory practices. Fatima has facilitated conversations and conducted trainings for students, leaders, organizations, and companies to help raise equity consciousness and provide knowledge, tips, and strategies to support individual and institutional change. Fatima is a facilitator, coach, and consultant who believes in the power of openness and storytelling, which she uses as tools for individuals and groups to connect and witness different perspectives and realities. With a background in religious studies, anthropology, public health, and somatics, her goal is to create a brave space where we can use our inner and collective wisdom to create positive shifts and, ultimately, change in our workplaces and beyond.
Fatima received her Masters in Public Health from Boston University and earned her BA in Religious Studies and Anthropology from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. You can find her reading or writing poetry, dancing, singing, hanging out with her nieces, or embarking on her new journey as a life coach when she's not facilitating.

Fatima's thoughts on diversity, equity, and inclusion at work