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Resources to offer to your workplace for Black History Month
Black History MonthDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Here at SGO, we often joke that time is a social construct. But, time still passes and here we are at the close of January. With February fast approaching, you might be wondering what resources you could offer to your workplace for Black History Month. Or, you might be looking for some inspiration yourself. With that in mind, we’ve collected a few of our favorite offerings. Some of these might be familiar to you; old friends. Other stories might be newer to you. We hope that you find some inspiration here, or at the very least, some interesting reading. 

If you’re planning to share with your organization, consider supporting a book club (or starting one) internally. Pick a book or article, share around with interested parties (depending on budget, you might be able to purchase physical copies for readers), and suggest a date for convening to discuss. Before the book club comes together, prepare some possible discussion questions or prompts to generate conversation and analysis. Make sure to center your reasons for bringing the group together. This could be as simple as a short statement sent to your group before the first meeting, or taking some time to discuss your purpose at the top of the first gathering. 

We also suggest that you use this as an opportunity to think about how you could uplift and support Black people inside and outside your organization beyond February. Education and work should not be capped by time limits, even though time is a social construct- the work is ever evolving and shifting.