About SGO

Our mission is to abolish inequity in the workplace. We believe it’s necessary to take a holistic approach to address this need. We support companies in their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and tools to create an inclusive environment, in a safe and welcoming space. At the same time, we provide tech and tech-adjacent women and other marginalized genders and their allies an opportunity to network, learn, and connect with each other as well as with companies who want to hire them.

What We Do

Building communities of passionate women and other marginalized genders

Meet Alexandra Roth, former opera singer, current software engineer, lover of beer and power lifting. 
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Educating companies on diversity, equity, inclusion through programming, coaching & consulting

Watch a video trailer of one of our workshops on how to recruit and hire inclusively. 
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What is a Geek?

A geek, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, is “a person who is very interested in and knows a lot about a particular field or activity.”

We love this word because it emphasizes learningcuriosity and passion. And what we’ve found since we began this group is that we attract geeks in the truest sense of the word. We can be honest, silly, make mistakes, explore, learn, and educate others because we are supported by a community that understands.

Our Values

We are committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone is treated fairly and truly feels a sense of belonging. We believe that helping companies create an inclusive culture is a step towards leveling the playing field. This also means that it starts with us first! We are a certified B Corp and encourage you to learn more about what that is. We are looking to work with people who understand our values, and who aim to embody them.

We value:

  • Excellence
    We strive for excellence in everything we dono matter how major or minor. We are responsible for our actions and how we may impact others. We are committed to providing our customers, our community, and our team with the highest possible standard of quality through our reliability, our dependency, and our integrity. 

  • Curiosity
    We are ever-evolving and remain committed to being curious about how we can be better as individuals and as a company.  We understand that learning is never a finite process and we welcome every opportunity to seek deeper understanding in all ways. 

  • Efficiency
    Efficiency is key to how we operate, and it’s about working smart, not (just) working hard! Since day one, we have prided ourselves on finding ways to be resourceful and adaptable under a variety of circumstances. We also understand that being efficient is a long-term game. Setting up systems, tweaking processes, and making sure that we respond quickly and correctly to everyone we work with is critical to our success as a company.

  • Having a Growth Mindset
    Nothing and no one is ever perfect, and we don’t expect perfection. Having a growth mindset means that we learn from our mistakes so we can correct and be better the next time. We don’t let our failures or losses derail our work or our emotions, because we see everything as an opportunity for growth, not an end. 

  • Intentionality
    We believe that being aware and intentional about our actions is the key to creating a more inclusive workplace and world. Slowing down can have a tremendously positive impact on small interactions that can lead to powerful ripple effects and lasting change.