Hang with us on Mighty Networks

Hello and welcome! If you’ve found this page because you heard we had a Slack community and wanted to join, we have exciting news. We’ve moved our community space to a more powerful and fantastic platform called Mighty Networks!

Why we made the move

First, we’ll be able to open this community up to EVERYONE while still having private spaces for affinity groups. They’ll include the following to start:

  • Women
  • Parents/Caregivers
  • DEI Practitioners
  • Hiring Managers & Recruiters

Second, we’ll be able to share more resources more intentionally with you – such as live events, courses, programs, and more. YAY!

Third, we’ll be able to connect with each other based on location and see each other’s linkedins to connect! (If this worries you, please note that we’re updating our Code of Conduct to ensure people aren’t spammed, and also, this is optional!)

Fourth, we’re adding new moderation to our community! Each space will have a moderator or set of moderators. No one will leave your questions unanswered!

Fifth, we know that sometimes you have questions you may not feel comfortable asking in a public forum with your name attached. We got you! We’ll be including a link to an anonymous form where you can ask your question or share your sticky situation and our moderators will share so we can crowdsource support safely! Finally, we know that our jobs channel is one of the most popular channels we have in our Slack community. That won’t be going away, but it will be evolving! We’ll have a seperate channel for those who are looking for support in their careers and another for those who want to post jobs. We’ve also created a private space for Hiring Managers & Recruiters who will be able to share their jobs with our community while also getting support from others who are looking to hire inclusively!