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We're back with a brand new season! In this season of the She+ Geeks Out Podcast, we interviewed dozens of brilliant humans who shared their insights on what it means to actually do the work of creating a more equitable workplace. Each episode will focus on a particular theme, and we’ll include notes and resources for you to geek out on after!

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Rachel Murray: Welcome podcast listeners.

Felicia Jadczak: Hi everybody. I'm Felicia.

Rachel Murray: And I'm Rachel and welcome to the SGO podcast, the She Geeks Out podcast. It has been a minute since we have recorded. We've just looked back at our files on the internet and it looks like it's been over one year. So Felicia, we've been up to some things.

Felicia Jadczak: Yeah. Well, in case anyone has forgotten or if you're a new listener, we are the co-founders of a company called She Geeks Out. And we started way back when in 2013, when Rachel and I started doing some events for folks in the greater Boston and Cambridge area. And we have evolved quite a bit since then. So now we are still figuring it out in today's wild and wonky world, but we offer diversity, equity and inclusion training, and consulting to different companies of all shapes and sizes. And then what's our community up to these days, Rachel?

Rachel Murray: That's a solid q, Felicia. That's a really, really good question. Well, normally in the pre-pandemic times, we run events for women in tech and tech adjacent roles, primarily in Boston, but in other places as well. And since the pandemic, live events, not so much a thing. And honestly, we-

Felicia Jadczak: Can't imagine why.

Rachel Murray: I know it's so weird. Good thing the pandemic's over. I'm sure by the time this goes live, it'll be all done, but, we really ended up pivoting to focusing pretty much 99.9% of the work that we were doing ended up really supporting the DEI work that Felicia and her amazing facilitation team does. So we've been really doing that for the past few years, but we have a little sneaky peeky. We have a little preview that we are reviving our community and our public programs this fall and into the new year. And so we'll probably have some more information on that. That is the latest on the community side of things.

Felicia Jadczak: Yeah. So, clearly we've been in a state of evolution over the last couple years, and so we thought it was a good time to also evolve our podcast. Now, if you have listened before, you know that historically our approach was a lot of chatting, some check-ins, some over-sharing maybe, or under-sharing, I don't know, you decide. And then we would do these really cool interviews with folks from all aspects of life, but folks who are cool or interesting or involved in similar work to what we're doing. And that was something that we've been doing for quite a bit now.

Felicia Jadczak: But we figured, "Hey, it's a new dawn, it's a new world. Let's do something new with our podcast." So this season is unlike any that we put out so far. We're really excited about it. We're really going to be looking at the future of work, which is a huge topic, but we're looking at that question through our own unique lens around what does the future of work look like when we're thinking about diversity and inclusivity and equity, what does it look like in a hybrid space? And what does it look like for different groups of people who might be impacted in varying different ways, by things that have been going on with the pandemic and everything else that has been blowing up in this world?

Felicia Jadczak: So we've got a lot of interesting discussions coming up for you and it's a different format, too. I don't know if you want to give a sneak peek into the format, Rachel, or not, or if it's a total surprise.

Rachel Murray: No, no, no. I'm happy to do it because you're right, it is really different. And I want to just give a shout out to our incredible head of marketing, essentially. I mean, for the tiny team who's really was the inspiration for this. She was excited to do it and she was like, "Let's do it." And so we do typically take a yes and approach as much as we possibly can. And she took on the huge task of creating a narrative podcast, which I just learned that that is actually the term for this, where we got to interview so many incredible people, experts in the field, folks that are just doing the work within their companies and organizations, folks that have just a lot of lived experience and really get their perspective on what DEI looks like from a very practical standpoint in the workplace, starting from what DEI looks like from an individual perspective, and then building out from there, which is very much the way we approach the work at SGO.

Rachel Murray: Anyway, so it works out really, really nicely. Our goal is to be incredibly action focused. We want to be able to provide some real insights into ways that you can make a difference within your organization. It's really challenging. There's no one super neat, easy answer. Felicia and I talk about that a lot. If we had all the answers, we'd write a book and become millionaires, but we're not doing that. And so we are really fortunate to have had all of these wonderful voices that you'll get to hear and learn from along with us.

Felicia Jadczak: Yeah. And I'm excited because I feel like it's almost... Our goal was to try to come up with a roadmap of sorts. And so as we go through each of these episodes, we'll hear from different people. Not everyone agrees, not everyone is coming from the same place, but you'll be hearing from different folks that we've interviewed to figure out how can we give this map to thinking about all of the different aspects of our work and along the way, you won't just be hearing from our guests and from me and Rachel. You'll also be hearing some little snippets and interjections from our facilitation team. And so we're trying to give their perspectives on some of the topics that we'll be discussing as well so that you'll get a really well rounded viewpoint on all of these different topics that we uncover. So I'm super excited to bring in more voices into the conversation.

Rachel Murray: Same. I think it's a great way to kick off the new school year. It's a 10 episode series, but this is the first one. You'll get nine incredible education fun-filled episodes, so expect them in your podcast tool of choice weekly. We'll see you there.

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