Podcast Episode 52: Living the Hollywood Life & Bending the Knee with Kimmy Gatewood

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FIRST, MAJOR SPOILER WARNING: we spoil all the things on Game of Thrones in this episode, so don't listen if you don't want to hear about what happens... for like 17 minutes in the beginning of the episode... seriously... and then at the end of the episode be warned: we debrief on the finale. All you really need to know is Rachel was totally right about something that people didn't already guess. In all seriousness though, we spoil a lot-- there are some warnings and time stamps provided in the episode so you can skip around if you need to!

We were also joined by a very special guest to get his thoughts on the show, Rachel's husband Marc Baizman, who also happens to be great friends with our guest for this episode, the wonderful Kimmy Gatewood! Now, onto the real reason why you're here...

Kimmy Gatewood is all the things! She is a comedian, actor, director, writer, and lovely human being. She, along with her two besties, created The Apple Sisters, and has had a serious breakout situation (not the pimple kind) with her role in Netflix's awesome show GLOW (which has just been renewed for a second season, woop woop!). We talked with Kimmy about what it's like working in show business and yes, we also cover Game of Thrones (because she was just in Gay of Thrones - yes!)... oh and then at, like, the LAST minute we managed to squeeze in that she directed #Ladyboss with our superhero Rachel Bloom of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fame. (ladygeekcrushingsohard!).

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