Nonprofit Support

As part of being a B Corporation, we commit to donating 5% of our work as pro-bono to the nonprofit community.

Nonprofit organizations are unsung, and often unseen, heroes to the communities they serve. You’re fighting to create impactful change while battling tight funding, limited support resources, and unforeseen structural changes. We know how important it is to make sure that your mission aligns with your day-to-day initiatives, and we’re here to support your needs with the SGO NonProfit Support Program.

Whether you’re a nonprofit working to end racial disparities, or increase gender equity, we want to help. If you’re interested in furthering your understanding and implementation of DEI work while achieving your organizational goals, this is an opportunity to access top notch facilitators, DEI assessment toolkit, and more, without breaking your budget.

What’s offered in this program?

  • A DEI assessment using our org survey and equity analysis tool
  • One live facilitated workshop of your choice (preference given to our Foundations course but other topics may be available)
  • Unlimited (for one calendar year) free access to our online course on Unconscious Bias in the Workplace and Microaggressions in the Workplace
  • Quarterly one-hour coaching calls for one year with one of our expert facilitators to answer any questions that may arise with regard to DEI and your organization 

What organizations qualify?

  • Organizations who are a 501c3
  • Organizations with net income under $1M
  • Organizations with at least five full-time employees
  • Organizations working to create a more equitable and just world 

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