Yet Another Day of Mourning in America: Thoughts on May 2022

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As we sit here the morning after the latest news of horrific, senseless, preventable murders, this time of kids (yet again), and on the second anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, it’s hard to remain optimistic that justice will prevail. When everything you read and see is horrible, but the ‘normal’ world you physically experience day-to-day continues, how can you reconcile the two? How can you continue to function? What’s the point of it all?

We’ve been reflecting a lot recently on what having control means in this world of ours. In this moment, this is what we can do to process and take care:

  • Intentionally being in community with colleagues, loved ones, and adorable pets (they literally have no idea about the world and are therefore only annoyed when they want more food and it’s glorious). It’s easy to retreat into ourselves when things are hard, but change and healing happens in community.
  • Taking care of our mental and physical well being so that we can be there for others in a way that feels good and important. That means rest, movement, therapy, food, and sometimes taking a break from the news, or whatever self care looks like for you.
  • Enjoying the present moment in all of its goodness – whether that’s the sun shining on your face, having your favorite breakfast, going for a walk, or watching an old episode of Happy Endings.
  • Fighting injustice – to us that means voting with purpose, encouraging others to do the same, engaging with people who think differently, supporting others who feel lost, amplifying the voices of those who are doing good, meaningful, purposeful work, and turning away from those who aren’t.
  • Recognizing that all we have is the here and the now.

This was shared in the SGO Slack this morning, and we think it’s worth including here as well.


I’ll see you tomorrow ok?! We are in this together and I need you around ❤️

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The human experience is never an easy one and there are many times lately when we might not feel grateful for it, like today, but SGO will continue to push on every day, for as long as we can. We’re doing our best to help make the world a little bit less bleak. We are grateful for the She+ Geeks Out community because we know that we’re all out here doing the same and together we can all make it shine a little bit brighter.