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As many of you know, we have historically donated a portion of our proceeds to a nonprofit dedicated to promoting STEM education for girls. In previous years we’ve solely supported the amazing Science Club for Girls, but this year we decided to expand our giving to include a few other fabulous nonprofits doing great work in this space. Read on to learn more about the three nonprofits we donated to this year. Thank you all for your contributions and help in growing this incredible community!

Science Club for Girls

SCFG is the OG! Back in 2013, when we first were searching for a nonprofit to donate to, Science Club for Girls popped up and really stood out to us. What we love about them is that they create free experiential programs for girls ranging from kindergarten through high school from underrepresented communities in the Boston and Cambridge area. Their mission is to foster passion in all areas of STEM.

Black Girls Code

Based in Oakland, CA, Black Girls Code‘s mission is clear– showing the world that black girls can indeed code. Their motto, “Imagine. Build. Create.”, is infused in their programming, which creates opportunities to educate black girls in underserved communities. They do this through workshops and after school programs in programming languages. They began in 2011 in Oakland, and are growing– Boston is one of several new cities to which they’re expanding!

Girls Who Code

Like Black Girls Code, Girls Who Code also provides educational opportunities to girls specifically around coding. Their programming and focus are a bit different, though. They offer two specific programs. The first is a seven week immersive program for high school girls in over ten cities (including Boston!).  The second is made up of clubs that are available to middle and high school girls, in which they learn to code in various programming languages. Clubs are located in over 25 cities and people are encouraged to start their own.