Seven (More) Tech Tools to Mitigate Bias in Hiring

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

If you have open roles at your organization, you’re likely using a variety of technology platforms and tools to assist your recruiting team. The hiring tech space continues to grow and expand year by year, and there are many different options out there for companies looking for help. We’re particularly interested in tools that bring a diversity, equity, and inclusion perspective and approach to the forefront. The last time we pulled together a roundup of tech tools was a few years ago; read on for a few more additions to our list. 

Chrome extensions
Unbias: This Chrome extension hides the faces and names from LinkedIn profiles in both standard and recruiter account searches and profile views, to reduce the impact of potential recruiter bias. 

Unbias Me: This Chrome extension hides a candidate’s profile picture and name when you look at their GitHub, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter profiles. 

Job descriptions and postings
Datapeople: Datapeople is a recruiting analytics platform that helps recruiters and hiring managers to organize and augment recruiting data. Datapeople offers a language analytics tool to review job descriptions and recruiting emails to ensure they are more inclusive. 

Ongig: Ongig’s Text Analyzer software works to reduce the likelihood of bias from your job postings, and optimizes the text. Text Analyzer is designed for companies who anticipate hiring at least 50 people per year. 

All inclusive platforms
Blendoor: Blendoor is a social impact diversity analytics and hiring software company. Blendoor provides companies with DEI performance ratings, people analytics, and job-matching recruiting. Blendoor helps assess where hiring process gaps may lie, and provides recommendations on where and how to adjust so that your recruiting process is more inclusive. 

Eightfold AI: Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform is powered by AI and machine learning. It offers users a single solution for managing the entire talent lifecycle, from sourcing to hiring and retaining. Eightfold anonymizes candidates in the hiring process, and provides analytics about where they are or are not progressing through the pipeline. 

Entelo: Entelo is a recruiting automation platform. Entelo’s Unbiased Sourcing Mode allows users to hide and anonymize candidate information that tends to be commonly associated with biases such as gender, age, and more.

Are there any other tech-based tools that you use and rely on? If so, tell us! While our primary focus is on education and learning as a critical first step towards addressing and mitigating bias in the workplace, technology can have an important role to play in long-term work towards more inclusivity in hiring.