Meet Perry Street Software

Meet Perry Street Software

In a world where connections matter, Perry Street Software (PSS) stands out as a leading force in LGBTQ+ social dating apps. With their flagship brands SCRUFF and Jack’d, PSS has created platforms prioritizing privacy, security, and inclusivity. Serving over 30 million members worldwide, PSS enables individuals to connect, meet, and express themselves freely. PSS is more than a tech company. They’re deeply committed to protecting and defending the LGBTQ+ community, making a positive impact through every aspect of their business. 

One of the standout features of working for Perry Street Software is a remarkable passion that permeates the entire organization. PSS employees often share heartwarming stories of users who have found their community and discovered their true selves through their apps. Employees have mentioned that having the privilege to work for a company that aligns with personal values while encouraging creativity and growth is truly inspiring.

Perry Street Software recognizes the importance of providing its employees with a comprehensive package of perks and benefits. Some of the perks include:

  • 11 Paid Holidays: Enjoy well-deserved time off to celebrate and recharge.
  • PSS Summer Refresh Week: Take advantage of a paid week off in the middle of the year to relax and rejuvenate.
  • Home Office Stipend: Receive support in creating a productive and comfortable workspace.
  • Paid Travel Opportunities: Collaborate and connect with colleagues from around the world.
  • EdSpend: Foster continuous learning and personal development with educational spending allowances.
  • Healthy Work/Life Balance: Strive for harmony between work commitments and personal well-being.

PSS is a fully remote team comprised of over 8- members located worldwide – geographical boundaries have become inconsequential. Working at PSS allows individuals the freedom to live and travel nearly everywhere while contributing to a dynamic and inclusive workplace. Their global approach brings together diverse perspectives and experiences while enriching the company culture and enabling innovative solutions. 

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