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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Madeline Donohue is a Senior Technical Recruiter with CarGurus. CarGurus sponsored our February She+ Geeks Out event– we had a great night full of popcorn, swag, great food, and good times in their fabulous new space over in Cambridge. We heard from three speakers (Laura Lu of CarGurus, Marion McNabb of Pathfinder, and Shelagh Braley of Goalscorp Media and Founderswire). We ate all the things, learned a bunch, and came away with new friends and connections. Read on for more from Madeline!Madeline

Why did you decide to sponsor a She+ Geeks Out event? 
It was more personal than work/company related. I was initially surprised at how much I got out of the events. To be able to hear so many stories and gain great information, which I have utilized, is inspiring. She+ Geeks Out is something I really want to be a part of. Now it’s my turn to “payback” and teach others what they have taught me.

What has your She+ Geeks Out experience been like?
It’s interesting. First few times I was a little overwhelmed. Now that I have been coming for over a year it’s easy. I can be introverted in a crowd. This experience has been exciting because I feel safe here. I was able to speak up without derision and even offer advice when asked. What is cool is I can now go into any crowd with an ease that I never had before. It’s been a really rewarding experience. Odd for a recruiter to admit I am sure!

Have you received any feedback from your employees about the company’s involvement with SGO?
The employees at CarGurus brought me to this! So let’s just say we are fans and proud to be a part of it.

How do you see Boston/Cambridge as an important community for supporting women in tech? 
If you ask some of the engineers I work with, they don’t feel the same pain points as folks in other markets do. The community for women in Boston/ Cambridge is very dedicated and focused on making us a strong part of the team. Having personally worked in So. Calif, SF, NYC and Boston, I can affirm that we are by far the most focused on diversity and community support. Now it needs to be actionable and more visible. We need to lead the markets on benefits, compensation and continuing education. We are so close to setting the examples versus following. There are continuing areas for improvement and I think the more we discuss and find solutions, places like SGO will make a greater impact

What do you geek out about?
Everything. I love to input data and use it at a later date! So bring on the news, Medium,Twitter and more! I love gadgets and crazy t-shirts. Which is odd because I never buy them! I am a big fan of food as well. As much as I like to cook, I love to go to restaurants and order all the appetizers or small plates(with enough people of course!). Getting a variety of things is always very appealing!

Lastly, I love people. Why? I meet so many interesting people and get to invest in their stories every day. It is by far one of the best things to happen in my job. Knowing who someone is, where they came from and where they are going is a priceless perk. I always say my job allows me to be a great witness to great things!

Success Stories?!  Have you hired anyone you met at an SGO event? Made a connection? We’d love to hear more!
Not yet! I have met a number of folks I would like to. I am so impressed by the people that are loyal and dedicated to their roles. We have some amazing companies that give us time to grow, evolve and take on new roles. [Note: CarGurus is hiring!]

Anything else you’d like to share?
Go to as many SGO events as you can. Build your network. The rewards happen over time and can really give you a boost in your career!