How Can Companies Embrace Global Identity in the Workplace? CyberArk Edition

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Female colleagues have a team building discussion over work, sitting in a cafe / cantina, talking informally about their IT business.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

One of our favorite things about working with our corporate partners is being able to highlight the amazing work they do to create more inclusive workplaces. Saying that diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the center of the work they do is one thing; having practices and policies to support employees takes the work even further. Our newest corporate partner, CyberArk has created such meaningful ways to foster inclusion and diversity for their workforce

1. Their CYBR Pride ERG.

CyberArk’s CYBR Pride employee resource group leans on the values of love, respect, freedom, tolerance, equality, and pride in the work they do. The group, serving LGBTQIA2S+ folx and their allies, aims to create a community network to promote a “safe space to share experiences.” Members of the CYBR Pride ERG have also noted that when there is support for this type of work, “it sends a message to the company that we are truly valued and celebrated”. 

2. Their CYBR Women ERG. 

CyberArk works hard to give more women a seat at the table in the vast cybersecurity industry. After CyberArk IMPACT 2022, a global conference dedicated to identity security, they were able to identify themes when thinking about meaningfully getting more women not only into cybersecurity, but in leadership roles in cybersecurity. These themes guided the work they did to welcome new employees into their company while also lifting up and supporting the women already working for them. An example of this commitment was shown through their 2022 Returnship program, a program geared towards women re-entering the workforce after a break. 

Some encouraging statistics from their 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report are that currently, 27% of CyberArk employees are female, 33% of their non-technical employees are female, and 21% of their technical employees are female. According to SimSpace, women make up only 24% of cybersecurity professionals. 

3. Keeping their Israeli identity engrained in their practices. 

CyberArk’s global headquarters is located in Israel and as a global company, they prioritize the cultural and religious customs of Israel. CyberArk offices are closed on major Jewish holidays to allow for practicing employees to get the time off they need with their families. In 2022, they began working with an Israeli company to recruit employees who are neurodiverse and ensure that they are supported. They also work to ensure that all CyberArk office locations meet the varying dietary needs in a Jewish/Hebrew environment. 

While this is just a snapshot overview of the inclusive practices that CyberArk engages with, their work goes much deeper. Through lunch and learns, workshops, and networking events – CyberArk takes opportunities to gather with their larger global community. Our October Geek Out with them is just one example of the event offered to employees to connect with each other. Follow them to learn more about the impactful work they do!