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Breaking Barriers

We asked our community their thoughts on a variety of topics. Here’s the next in our series!

What makes a great boss?

For me, it’s someone who pushes me toward my edge but doesn’t let me fall over.
Jen B.

I try to embody the leadership qualities of good bosses I’ve had in the past, and so whenever my team members complimented my management style it was around three things: openness, clear communications and expectations, and trust. I value being trusted to the do the work (please don’t micromanage me!). It’s important to know clearly how success, deadlines, and expectations are defined early on (let’s keep surprises for nice things like puppies and cupcakes – you can always surprise me with those). Also, openness. When something goes wrong, or you have a new idea to propose, I always found it incredibly important to have a boss who is open to listening. They may not always accept your idea, but at least they heard you out respectfully.
Yanina Wolfe

Someone who listens, who doesn’t jump to conclusions, someone who asks great questions and supports you and your career goals. I think servant leadership here is important.

A great boss is someone who doesn’t believe in hierarchy. They encourage collaborative work among all staff and learn from those they are supervising/managing.
Christine N

A great boss is someone who is knowledgeable about the business, aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, and interested in helping their colleagues at all levels to each improve their skills and abilities.
Juliana W.


Transparency, empathy, passion. Someone who listens and shares. someone who advocates for her people.
Tara T.

Someone who listens, is open to feedback, and is dedicated to continual learning and improvement. Someone who realizes they are also willing to keep on learning about new ideas, and wants to have an open and clear line of communication.

Someone who recognizes that their employees are humans who should be held to challenging standards, but still treated with respect and compassion.
Rhiannon C.