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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

TikTok went from the “cool-kid” app for teens to a home screen mainstay for even the “cheugy” 30-somethings over the pandemic. But as we’ve learned, it’s so much more than just weird dance challenges, prank videos, and lip syncing. We may have gotten a little too into paint-mixing videos and cheered the viral success of ​​@420doggface208 (2020 was strange, y’all), but there are some important conversations taking place there. From disability advocacy to microaggression-busting comedy, from neurodiversity chat to Gen-Zers on a mission to inform, DEI initiatives are having a legitimate moment in a new platform. We love that we have easy access to more voices and can continue to learn about marginalized, oppressed, and traditionally silenced communities. Here are some of our favorite content creators, thanks so much to them for taking the time to share their experiences and wisdom with the world. Give them a follow, and let us know who you love to see pop up on your For You Page!

Name: Evelyn Koh
Bio: Post banned 8/5
Text videos taken down
Have appealed
I am sorry I hurt you.
Why we love them: Evelyn Koh is a Harvard graduate, gender scholar, radical intersectional feminist, and a disrupter. In her TikTok videos, she deconstructs arguments such as why using “not all men” as an excuse is so counterproductive. She uses her platform to raise awareness of TikTok’s inherent sexism and racism. Keep an eye on Evelyn’s next project– she’s working on a book and a podcast!
One of our fave posts: Whiteness Vs. Maleness


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Name: Benjy
Bio: A safe inclusion & well-being learning space🤎
Why we love them: Benjy tackles questions and complicated topics with a ton of energy, passion, and grace. He provides concrete examples of things like microaggressions, and actionable ideas for being a practitioner of DEI concepts. His goal is to create ”a safe space where people can engage with important and sensitive topics, with an open heart and mind, without fear of judgement.”
One of our fave posts: My number 1 tip for avoiding white saviourism


My number 1 tip for avoiding #whitesaviourism 🤎 #learnontiktok #whitesaviorcomplex #whitesavior #ally #allyship #fyp #whiteprivilege

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: Clare
Bio: I’m not sure if this is a comedy or a tragedy.
Why we love them: Clare creates videos which quickly flip microaggressions on their head- imagining a world where European Americans are the subjects of these all-too-common interpersonal discriminations. A truthbomb wrapped in a bit of comedy? Count us in.
One of our fave posts: If white people encountered resistance to diversity training


#diversityintheworkplace #inclusion #fakeally #inclusionmatters

♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

: Jazmyn W
Bio: Stand Up Comic – She/BadBitch
Why we love them: Jazmyn is a stand up comic who went viral with her “ White House HR” sketches about the transitions in the White House from the fictional perspective of their internal Human Resources office. Jazmyn addresses the unfortunate, everyday microaggressions that Black women face in her other must-see recurring spots, including “Things White Women Say That Just Don’t Make Sense,” and “Being Black @ Work.” 
One of our fave posts: Microaggressions 101


This happened on live the other day 🙄😂 #truestory #microaggressions101 #girlbye

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: Alex Pearson
Bio: I/O Psych Practitioner • ND Advocate
Why we love them: One of our favorite things about TikTok is being invited to learn about different communities and their members. It’s access to people telling their own stories in their own voices, and advocating for their own needs and fellow community members. There is a growing conversation about neurodiversity, and we love this video from Alex Pearson about workplace accommodations for folks with different needs. 
One of our fave posts: ND workplace accommodations- a story/example


Just because we have a hidden disability doesn’t mean that we don’t NEED accommodations at work. #neurodiverse #adhd #autism

♬ Lofi – Domknowz

: Kahlil Greene
Bio: The Gen-Z Historian
Why we love them: Kahlil Greene is a senior at Yale College studying the History of Social Change and Social Movements, and he’s on a mission to bring accurate, representative history to Gen-Z. Think: The More You Know for the TikTok generation. Whether it’s explaining the Tuskeegee Study to high schoolers or raising awareness for social justice organizations, this student body president is one to watch.
One of our fave posts: The Black town replaced by Central Park


Government took our property … what’s new? #hiddenhistory #blackhistory #culturalappropriation

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Emily Roach
Bio: Mom of 3👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👧 Author👩🏼‍💻
✨Intersectional Feminist ✨
Why we love them: Emily is an intersectional feminist mom that breaks it down about teaching your kids to be anti-racist, have strong body positivity vibes, and proudly reminds us that love is love.
One of our fave posts: Parenting strategies for raising antiracist children


@indigo.ca #parenting #whitewomen #parentingishard #raisingfeminists #antiracism #momsoftiktok #dadsoftiktok #unlearning #blm

♬ Happy & Pop songs – PeriTune

: Rynn
Bio: Loud, Bi, and Black af ✊🏾
Venmo/CashApp/PP: WordLady907
Why we love them: Rynn is a rare TiKToker that not only creates her own content to discuss issues concerning BIPOC, she responds to so many comments, both with more information, resources, and of course, with epic clapbacks when needed. 
One of our fave posts: trauma dumping in the comment section


This is how y’all be trauma dumping in the comment section 🥴

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: Spencer West
Bio: Motivational Speaker | Gay/Disabled Content Creator 🏳️‍🌈♿️ | Author | He/Him
Why we love them: You may already know Spencer from his book, Standing Tall: My Journey, his documentary, Redefine Possible: The Story of Spencer West, or opening for, yes, Demi Lovato, but his TikTok page invites followers into his life like never before. Spencer graciously shares his day-to-day life, answers questions about accessibility, and seeks to fight ableism. 
One of our fave posts: Smarter in Seconds from Blair Imani: Disability


#SmarterInSeconds with @blairimani thx for including me, @crutches_and_spice and so many others!

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