5 Ways to Advocate for Climate Justice at Your Company

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With so many competing priorities for organizations, it can be hard to prioritize a problem like climate change that seems so far away. Scientists continue to warn us that the devastating effects of climate change are about to be irreversible, and yet we are not hardwired to make it a priority as we would so many of the other more immediately apparent events. It also feels so big. The truth is, climate change is an intersectional issue, and there are great resources to learn more about climate justice or environmental justice.

A lot of the dialogue about reversing climate change has been misguidedly focused on individual change, when we know that companies have had a much more tremendous impact on making meaningful change (carbon offsets, lessening pollution, etc), than individuals (recycling, stopping the use of plastic straws, etc). How can we encourage them to act responsibly? We have some ideas.

How to Make Changes for Climate Justice

It’s a lot to fight something that seems so nebulous and large, but corporate action can literally move mountains and as employees, you can leverage your power for good.

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