5 Videos You Must Watch to Learn About Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Take some time to watch these incredible videos on diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you’d like more, see our previous post on 14 videos to watch.

Eliminating Microaggressions: The Next Level of Inclusion
Time: 8:59
Who: Tiffany Alvoid
Description: In this talk, Tiffany lays out how this behavior manifests itself, the role you play, and what you can do to avoid perpetuating its continued existence in society.

Let’s Talk About ABLEISM ft. Imani Barbarin / Mars & Blair Show
Time: 3:36
Who: Imani Barbarin // Mars & Blair Show
Description: The Mars & Blair Show is a regularly hosted YouTube channel by Mars Sebastian and Blair Imani. New content is posted every Wednesday. In this episode, host Mars Sebastian is joined by disability rights and inclusion activist Imani Barbarin for a conversation on the topic of ableism.

Mentorship & Workplace Equity Takes Work
Time: 9:26
Who: Janice Omadeke
Description: Janice Omadeke is the founder and CEO of The Mentor Method. In this TEDx Talk, she shares her personal mentorship journey. She also offers four helpful takeaways, as she discusses how women and allies can start closing the job equity gap through mentorship.s.

Verna Myers: How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly toward them
Time: 17:53
Who: Vernā Myers
Description: Diversity advocate Vernā Myers looks closely at some of the subconscious attitudes we hold toward out-groups. She makes a plea to all people: Acknowledge your biases. Then move toward, not away from, the groups that make you uncomfortable. In a funny, impassioned, important talk, she shows us how.

Women Engineers On the Rampant Sexism of Silicon Valley
Time: 5:48
Description: Five female engineers discuss the sexism of the tech industry and why greater diversity and inclusion makes better products for everyone.

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