2019 By and Beyond the Numbers

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Breaking BarriersDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We’re about to head into a brand new decade and are so honored to receive your continued support as we grow and find new ways to support you!

Below are a few numbers showing our growth this year, but that’s just a minor representation of how She+ Geeks Out has grown. We’ve offered more types of programming on diversity, equity, and inclusion, hired new staff, and took the biggest leap of all for us – hosted our very first day long Summit

We’ve got some news for 2020, too! We’ll be bringing you more programming focusing on professional development with a focus on women+ in tech leveling up in their career. We’ll also be providing more ways to connect with us and each other both in person and online. 

While we glide into the next decade, below are our 2019 numbers.

Thank you as always for being on this incredible journey with us. We love our community, our sponsors, our partners, and feel truly honored to have you be a part of the She+ Geeks Out universe!