2018 By and Beyond the Numbers, Plus a Look Ahead

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Breaking BarriersDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion

2018… we made it. Whew! First, we want to thank you for being a part of the She+ Geeks Out community. Even if you haven’t been to an event or participated in a workshop yet, we know that you’re here for a reason, and that’s to make a positive difference in the world, fight for a more equal and just world, and support women and nonbinary people in tech and beyond.

In 2018, we made a very important change to our name. In order to indicate that we are supporting women and nonbinary people and are welcoming of allies, we added a + to our name. We also launched the She+ Geeks Out community in the San Francisco Bay Area, where one of our lovely ambassadors, Lorin Bond, moved from Boston. She is now an incredible City Organizer, growing the community by leaps and bounds! We’re so excited to announce that we have many new ambassadors joining us in the Bay Area in 2019 and you’ll see their lovely faces on the website soon. We’re also continuing to grow the She+ Geeks Out New York City community with sold out events and tons of energy! Our awesome City Organizer Marisa Marquez did a wonderful job running events and growing the New York City community to over 1000 women and nonbinary people! We were sad to see her leave, but we’re SO excited for the next chapter in her life– film school in London! We welcome Sharon Cleary as our newest City Organizer in 2019! Sharon has many years of experience in tech journalism and PR and we are thrilled to have her be a part of the She+ Geeks Out team!

In addition to our community events, our corporate training program offerings have expanded and increased in 2018. We’ve trained individuals and organizations in Boston, New York, St. Louis, and Atlanta, and have lots of travel planned for 2019! As we grow our incredible group of facilitators, we’re excited to take on new challenges and help others learn in a non-judgmental way about unconscious bias and how it affects the workplace. We’re also launching a few new programs in 2019, so stay tuned!

So how’d we do by the numbers? Here’s how 2018 has shaped up. In 2018, we:

  • Held 40 community events in Boston, San Francisco, and New York City
  • Held 9 public diversity and inclusion events
  • Hosted 3,876 people
  • Ambassed with 15 incredible ambassadors
  • Grew to 659 members
  • Gave away 135 raffle prizes
  • Trained 1,532 people on diversity and inclusion

Thank you for being on this incredible journey with us. We love our community, our sponsors, our partners, and feel truly honored to have you be a part of our world.