2018 Boston Tech Diversity and Inclusion Report

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As a Boston-based company who works with many tech companies locally, we were curious to see how the burgeoning Boston tech industry fares when it comes to its thoughts on diversity and inclusion. We asked those who identify as part of the tech community in the greater Boston area to participate in a survey to provide their thoughts on diversity and inclusion, how they believe their company is responding to the current wave of interest on the topic, and if they feel as though they’re being treated fairly and feel included at their company. All results were recorded anonymously unless they provided their email addresses for follow-up. Approximately 200 people participated in the survey. We learned quite a lot from this first survey, and are looking forward to revamping and releasing our next survey this fall.

Note that we asked companies to complete a different diversity and inclusion survey, but our numbers were too low to provide any insights that would be significantly relevant. We will be providing those companies that participated and provided their contact information with their own report, but will be unable to share data with the general public. We will be revamping our survey and widening our scope so that we can provide the general public with those results on the company-level next year.

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