10 Podcasts Led by Women of Color to Listen to Now

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We know we recently published a blog post about our favorite podcasts, but our ears have been filled with so many good ones we’ve recently been introduced to, we had to follow up with a new list of incredible podcasts led by women of color. Go, listen now. You will not regret it. We are in love with them all and it was REALLY hard to choose a favorite episode from each, but we did it because we love you. So happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂

2 Dope Queens — Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams share personal stories on sex, dating, hair, work, and more. Their conversations are juxtaposed with short sets from their favorite comedians. YQY!
Favorite episode: #17 Fifty Shades of Matthew McConaughey

Another Round — Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton’s podcast is basically ‘happy hour with friends you haven’t met yet.’ They cover everything from race, to gender, to pop culture, to squirrels, and more.
Favorite episode: #13 Times Representation Mattered In Books

Call Your Girlfriend – Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman host this incredibly smart and funny (okay it’s been less funny and more serious lately) podcast that makes you feel like they’re your friends too, which is weird, because they’re in your ears and you’ve likely never met. But there it is. Everything pop culture and politics is covered.
Favorite episode: #77 Executive Disorder

Code Switch — Code Switch means shifting language/conversation/speech in order to fit in. In this NPR podcast, Kat Chow, Adrian Florido and Gene Demby cover race, ethnicity and culture and how they play a part in our everyday lives. They do a great job of providing a welcoming space to delve into some frankly heady issues, especially given the current political climate.
Favorite episode: Hear Something, Say Something: Navigating The World Of Racial Awkwardness (Sept 28, 2016)

GoodMuslimBadMuslim – Hear two muslim women, Taz and Zahra, talk about what it’s like to be a Muslim woman in America these days. They manage to actually be hilarious too. We <3 them!
Favorite episode: #20 Muslim Muslims at The Comedy Comedy Festival

FriendsLikeUs – Are you in for a long car ride? These are for you. They tend to be well over an hour (sometimes over 2!) each and they are wonderful. Women of color talking about all the things.
Favorite episode: Respect and Disagreeing (Oct. 26th, 2016)

In The Thick – Award winning journalists Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Varela host this important podcast, talking about race, identity and politics few people are discussing or want to discuss. They bring on knowledgeable guests to talk about the hard stuff.
Favorite episode #48 The Language of Fear

Sooo Many White Guys – From 2 Dope Queens, Phoebe Robinson also hosts this fantastic podcast, a perfect blend of funny and serious, with great guests like Roxane Gay, Hari Kondabolu and Gina Rodriguez.
Favorite episode: #8 Phoebe and Roxane Gay Toast to the Good Life

Still Processing – Still processing is a conversation on culture, brought to you by the New York Times and hosted by Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris.
Favorite episode: # 17 Kanye-thon

Two Brown Girls Talk Back – Two lovely women talking about anything and everything entertainment. They are anonymous actors/writers in LA because, understandably, they’d rather not hurt their careers. We love their genuine friendship and unique perspective on all the things.
Favorite episode: #35 Prince, Game Of Thrones, Lemonade, and Miles Ahead

Did we forget any? Just want to share what you love? Tell us on Twitter!