Leadership Development

We are thrilled to be partnering with Katie Greenman of Humanside to offer you corporate training that will provide your team with the critical skills that will allow them to become more effective and impactful leaders. As Katie says, the workshops “make the world better by bettering the experience of the humans in it.” If you’re interested in learning more about bringing these workshops to your company, you can reach out to us over here.


Strength Based Leadership
The new direction of management trainings emphasizes the value of creating a strength-based team and leadership culture. That culture starts at the top. This workshop offers insights and tools for individuals to build their muscles for promoting a culture of strength-based leadership within themselves and for those around them.

Growth Mindset
Based on Carol Dweck’s work on Growth versus Fixed Mindset and incorporating different components including Positive Psychology, Authentic Leadership, and Improv Comedy, this workshop will take you through a journey to better understand your own mentality and how they may be limiting you. Endless research has shown how our mindset determines success, thankfully your brain can be trained and this workshop will offer tangible tools to help refocus one’s mindset to be more constructive and supportive.

Imposter Syndrome
One of the many shared parts of being a high functioning leader is the experience of ‘imposter syndrome’. This is that self-doubting experience where people feel like they are a fake, attribute their success to luck and discount the success they should otherwise be celebrating. This workshop examines this experience and helps participants uncover how this may be affecting them and how to navigate it going forward.

Unlocking Creativity through Play
This workshop inspires the innocent sense of playfulness and curiosity we had as children in order to help catalyze innovation, creativity, and connection. Participants are invited to strengthen their muscles of playfulness and risk-taking, and learn how to help others do the same.

Being Inflammable in Fiery Situations
Whether your emotional state is obvious to others or not, it affects your ability to lead. This workshop explains the scientific insights and evidence based-tools for how to stay calm and grounded (and help other stay calm and grounded) during a challenging situation.

About Katie

Katie Greenman, M.A. is founder of HumanSide, a value-driven leadership development firm that designs and delivers programs aimed to catalyze leadership and normalize humanness. HumanSide’s training and consulting bridges translational research, program design, experiential learning and improv comedy to ensure the experiences are interactive, accessible, and memorable. Katie earned her master’s degree from Tufts University Eliot-Pearson Department of Human Development where she focused on the social and emotional skills behind leadership effectiveness. Greenman is a recognized facilitator and speaker who has led hundreds of workshops for students, young professionals, executives and entrepreneurs from the University halls to the United Nations, from teepees on mountains to teams on Capitol Hill.

What people have to say about the workshops

Katie was an EXCELLENT speaker. She was engaging and funny and made the time hobby really quickly.

Katie was extremely engaging. The workshop was well paced, and great breakouts between personal thinking and sharing time.

You know what – it wasn’t actually that scary! And it was fun. I was surprised a lot of my defenses came down so that I could actually participate in an open way.

Katie’s workshops are always my favorite and I always try to make an effort to attend when I know she’ll be leading them. There is a nice mixture of familiar and new material that makes the vulnerable learning space easier to enter and stay in.