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Diversity and inclusion is top of mind for many companies, but many lack the knowledge, skills, or tools to take meaningful and long-term action. Drawing upon our deep knowledge and experience with diversity and business strategies, we provide trainings for companies who want to effect real change in their workplace. SGO workshops are open to all genders, and are interactive trainings designed to bring about actionable results. We address sensitive and important issues, in the safe space that we’re known for.

Our Workshops

Recruiting for Inclusivity

A diverse workforce has significant business benefits, and we know recruiting and hiring with this mandate in mind is no simple task. We’ll discuss what diversity is and why it’s important. We’ll help you understand various biases that exist in us all, to better prepare your recruiters and hiring managers to make thoughtful and informed hiring decisions. We’ll provide you with specific tools, strategies and action steps that you can immediately implement at the office. Your employees will be informed, well equipped, and empowered.


Creating an Inclusive Culture

Hiring is only the first step along the pathway to a more diverse company. Creating and maintaining an inclusive corporate culture, one that is supportive of diversity, is key to achieving your internal goals and metrics. We’ll help managers understand the presence of bias in the workplace, and offer concrete tools and action plans for supporting their teams. Your employees will walk away with a deep understanding of how they can personally contribute to creating a supportive and inclusive culture that will make employees want to stay and grow within the company.


Power Hour Workshops

Power Hour workshops are hour-long trainings. Each session focuses on a specific topic that is pulled from our longer workshops. These trainings are designed to be brief introductions to the concept of creating an inclusive culture around hiring and retention. Topics include:

  • Writing Inclusive Job Descriptions
  • Sourcing Diverse Candidates Creatively
  • Running Inclusive Meetings
  • How to be an Ally
  • Unconscious Bias 101

Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

You may have heard about unconscious bias, but aren’t quite sure what it is or have just a rudimentary understanding of it. This workshop is designed to educate attendees on what unconscious bias is and how it manifests in the workplace. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of the concepts discussed, how they relate to corporate culture and team dynamics, and strategies for addressing bias.

Bring training to your company

Would you like to schedule a workshop at your company? Do you have needs beyond what we’ve outlined so far? All of our workshops can be customized. We’d love to hear from you! Contact us to learn more.

Diversity workshops

Who are these workshops for?

These workshops are aimed at a corporate audience, and are intended to support and complement existing internal initiatives. We encourage hiring managers, recruiters, people managers and directors to take our workshops. These trainings are not gender-specific– they are meant for anyone that would find this content useful!

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Karina is a facilitator specializing in leading training workshops that help promote heightened self-awareness, engagement and learning in the workplace with a diversity and inclusion lens. Originally from San Antonio via Mexico City, Karina Becerra is a Boston University graduate and current MBA candidate at Babson College, F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business. She has used her 10+ years in client management/marketing to drive success within cross-functional teams.
Julia has a deep passion for developing leaders who are connected to their authentic voice. Her commitment to personal and professional growth has led her to consult in facilitating challenging conversations, leading creativity sessions, navigating pivots and designing strategic plans with a variety of companies, organizations and individuals. As an entrepreneur who believes in the power of intentionally designed spaces, she breaks down barriers by inviting participants to connect with their creative selves. She naturally designs inclusive spaces that model fostering of individual development, conscious leaders, active participation and an open mindset that welcomes change in thought and habits, leading to healthier, more fulfilling and connected workplaces.
katie-greenmanKatie is a recognized facilitator, speaker, strategist and scholar who bridges translational research, experiential program design, and improv comedy. She is an expert in transformational leadership, human development, and millennial engagement. Katie is the founding partner of HumanSide, a consultancy firm that delivers exceptional experiential programs to bring people together and accelerate leadership.
nikki innocentWhether it be as a guide to new students during her academic years, a collaborative leader on the soccer field or a mentor to colleagues in her professional life, Nikki’s passion for connecting people and facilitating inclusive environments has shown to be an integral part of her DNA. She is a seasoned marketing professional with over a decade of experience across the management consulting, investing, advertising and biotech worlds. Nikki is the founder of Story & Voice, an advisory firm that helps businesses tell their story and amplify their voice. Last but most certainly not least, she is an SGO Ambassador — SGO’s advisory board that helps boost awareness of SGO’s mission, grow SGO’s network, and provide strategic input.
felicia jadczakSGO Co-Founder Felicia Jadczak is a recognized speaker, strategist, and voice in the field of diversity and inclusion. She has deep, extensive and personal experience with leadership, innovation, women in the workforce, multiracial concerns, and disability. She has worked in the technology industry for over ten years before moving on to the startup and consulting life. She holds an MBA and a Masters in Information Systems from the Questrom School of Business at Boston University.
jared karolWhen Jared, a straight white male who grew up in the eighties in the San Diego suburbs, was fourteen his father told him he was gay. His high school and college years were spent navigating what that meant to him personally, socially, and politically. At age 27, his father died of AIDS. This loss solidified his perspective on allyship. He has spent his entire career in education, communications, tech, and social entrepreneurship collaborating with people who share his views on what it means to be an ally, and who share his values of connection, inclusion, equanimity, and empathy. The last two years, as the Founder of Storytelling for Good, Jared has helped dozens of mission-driven individuals and organizations tell more compelling and empowering stories; he has written extensively on diversity and inclusion and social justice issues; and he has facilitated workshops, trainings, and panels through the lenses of storytelling and equity––all with the goal of building a more inclusive and compassionate world.
laura-parrottLaura is a seasoned facilitator who is known for compassionately working with groups and individuals to shift their mindsets and enable effective behavior change. She has extensive experience coaching executives through organizational change, as well as with helping early to mid career individuals navigate personal and career development, through her years at Google, McKinsey and  She recently joined HubSpot as the VP of Leadership and Management, and is looking forward to helping managers and leaders build effective and inclusive leadership skills.
kemi sorinmadeKemi is a certified leadership trainer, speaker, and coach currently serving organizations and individuals in the area of personal and leadership development. With over twenty years of experience in various engineering and project management roles, she brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and a unique perspective to her clients. She is the owner of The Growth Studio, a leadership development firm that equips science, technology, quality and engineering organizations with the strategies to attract and retain happy employees, and improve team performance.


“I participated in a full day event consisting of two back to back SGO Workshops: ‘Retaining Talent Through Inclusivity’ and ‘Recruiting & Hiring Inclusively’. I found both workshops to be highly informative and collaborative in an area for which at the time I was under informed. I felt welcomed and put at ease by the facilitators and participants as my lack of knowledge towards the subjects had my imposter syndrome running in high gear. Following the training our organization re-wrote all of our open job req’s resulting in applications from a more gender diverse group of candidates. We’ve also been working to amend our vernacular to include ‘culture add’ vs ‘culture fit’ which I personally fell in love with on the spot. Since the training, Rachel and Felicia have gone above and beyond to support our organization for both internal and external purposes as we not only strive to be more inclusive ourselves but also aim to create a developer training program which serves a similar mission. I highly recommend these two events for anyone seeking to make material advances towards a more inclusive team no matter the size or industry.”
– Evan Charles, Launch Academy

What others are saying about the Recruiting Workshop
“I absolutely loved that I came away from this meeting with real tangible things I can do TODAY with regard to job descriptions and interview tactics. It was also helpful to remind myself that unconscious biases can often be incompatible with our values and that’s okay if we acknowledge and try to confront them.”

“Developing best practices for diversity and inclusion is a long and ongoing process, but SGO’s workshops helped me to have the language and space to ask questions and take a hard look at our current processes. I walked away with tools I could use immediately in writing job descriptions, conducting interviews, and looking at our internal culture with new perspective.”

What others are saying about the Retaining Workshop
“We were able to share real life stories and share ideas for how to work through them. This felt very actionable, and also drove home that these concepts can deeply affect people.”

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