Frequently Asked Questions

Why is She+ Geeks Out doing this?
We’ve always believed inequity in the workplace requires a holistic approach. It’s critical that those sitting on the side of the desk with power understand and mitigate their biases when making decisions around hiring, promotions, who gets stretch assignments, and which employees get raises and bonuses. That’s where the DEI training comes in. It’s equally critical that those on the other side of the desk who are seeking a fair opportunity within an organization, (and who typically don’t get those opportunities) are given the skills to advocate for themselves authentically, powerfully, and effectively. It takes two to tango! This is why we’re so excited to bring this program to you. Let’s make change!

Who is Emma?
You can read Emma’s bio here, but we’d like to tell you who Emma is in our words. Emma is a delight. She’s someone who, as soon as you meet her, you know you’re in good hands. She’s smart, she’s soul getting, she’s experienced. She has an incredible ability to connect with people on a deep and important level. She’s also a geek. She is of the She+ Geeks Out way. She is the way.

Emma will challenge you to dig deeper in your goals, and I’ve grown tremendously since I joined Rise Up.
Not only am I walking in confidence, but I have released fear and anxiety around self-doubt.
-- past participant

Who is this program for?
This program is perfect for female-identified and nonbinary people who have had at least 5 years experience working. You may be an individual contributor looking to become a manager, a new manager looking for guidance on how to support your team while ensuring you’re advocating for your needs, you may want to ask for that raise or promotion, but aren’t clear on how to do it, you may be in a transition phase, considering another type of career. One thing you’re sure of is that you want to get clarity on how to level up in your career, while ensuring you’re doing it in a way that feels authentic, equitable, and inclusive.

What do I get with this program?
Great question! Not only do you get the wisdom and caring support of Emma B-F in 75 minute virtual coaching calls (trust us those extra 15 minutes are critical and the time will fly by), you also get fillable PDF worksheets to compliment each coaching session, recorded content from Emma, the slide deck for each session, a dedicated private Slack channel for just your cohort, and a few other fun surprises. 🙂

Why should I sign up for this program?
Not to quote L’Oreal, but we’re going to - You’re worth it. Bottom line, this is the time. We have all been paying attention to The Great Resignation. We think it’s safe to say that workers are fed up with being treated poorly, and being thankful for ‘just having a job’. You spend too much of your waking hours not to care more deeply on how to spend them well. One way to do that is to advocate for your needs. This program will absolutely help you with that.

What if I don’t have the money to pay for this?
We got you! We’re offering scholarships. Companies and individuals will be able to fund your participation in this program.

How many sessions are there?
There are nine weekly coaching calls, with a break in the middle. Everything will be recorded so if you miss a session, you can catch up.

How many people per cohort?
In order to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to use their voice in a safe space, we’re limiting each cohort to 10 people.

Do I have to show up to everything?
The real magic with this program is being in community with your fellow cohort and facilitator so you can practice the work in a safe and welcoming environment. We don’t recommend you miss any, but things happen. If you think you’ll end up missing more than one session, this timing may not be right for you. Contact us to share when an ideal cohort program time would work for you, so we can gather data and see about offering future programs at different times!

Is there an opportunity to meet in person?
Great question! If we’re able to make it happen, we will. Stay tuned!

What’s the return policy?
We can offer you a full refund one month prior to the program’s start if someone else is able to take your spot. We won’t be able to offer any refunds once the program has begun.

How do I pay?
Once your application has been accepted, we’ll reach out to you for payment options.

What technology will you be using?
Coaching calls will be conducted via Zoom and we’ll be leveraging Emma B-F’s platform to host all content. We’ll be using Slack for asynchronous communication.

I have accessibility needs, will they be met?
We offer closed captioning for all Zoom calls and will have all video transcribed as well. Once your application has been accepted, we’ll ask if you have any further accessibility needs and will do our very best to accommodate them!

How can I get my company to sponsor this program?
Feel free to send them over to this page to learn more!

How does the application process work?
You will be notified on a rolling basis if your application is accepted Once you receive an email letting you know your application has been accepted, we will provide you with a few different options for payment Once we’ve received your payment, we’ll send you a welcome email filled with all the details on what to expect next!

How do you choose applicants?
We’ll be doing our very best to select applicants that have similar goals and are in similar places in their career. Emma’s coaching is critical, but we also want to be sure that there's an opportunity for you all to learn from and bond with each other as well.

What happens when the program is over?
We’ll keep the Slack channel open indefinitely! We’ll also be gathering your feedback to see how we can support you going forward.

I have more questions!
No problem! Contact us here and we’ll get you an answer asap.


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