Global Property Management Platform Enhances Foundation of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging by Partnering with She+ Geeks Out

Our Client:
Buildium is the preferred property management solution for thousands of real estate professionals worldwide. Their global staff is currently servicing customers in more than 50 countries.

As a rapidly evolving company with a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion, Buildium wanted to develop an actionable program that would reflect the company’s core values.

Their Challenge:
Buildium wanted to construct a foundation that would encourage and support different points of view and foster a true sense of belonging among their current and prospective employees. To do this, they wanted a deeper understanding of current diversity and inclusion issues through education. They also wanted examples of the right language to talk about these issues constructively. 

Our Solution: 
Through knowledge-sharing and interactive workshops, She+ Geeks Out collaborated with Buildium to explore complex issues surrounding diversity and inclusion and helped them develop the language they needed to have meaningful conversations. This approach enabled their internal Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Team (DI&B) to make progress in their four focus areas: education, representation, participation and advocacy.

In addition, Buildium and She+ Geeks Out collaborated to host a successful networking and educational event around allyship and the role it plays in building diverse, inclusive teams. Buildium is now positioned to help lead the conversation in Boston’s tech industry. 

The Results:
Collaboration with the She+ Geeks Out team has fast-tracked Buildium’s diversity and inclusion efforts by providing:

  • insight into complex current issues
  • language to lead meaningful conversations
  • partnership and support for diversity recruiting efforts and educational events
  • a solid foundation and actionable advice for building a diverse, fully inclusive team 

Through education, awareness, open dialogue, and a continued commitment to creating a work environment where all voices are heard and valued, Buildium is on the path to meeting their D&I goals.  

“Our values pointed us toward diversity and inclusion naturally, but She+ Geeks Out has helped us get closer to where we want to be more quickly than we would have gotten on our own. One of our strategic employee pride initiatives is to drive diversity, inclusion, and belonging conversations in the Boston tech communities and beyond. The team at She+ Geeks Out goes above and beyond. They have real expertise and passion for what they do – and that makes all the difference.”

Jeff Belanger, VP, People & Culture, Buildium

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