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Some of Our Favorite Podcasts

Here at She+ Geeks Out we love us some podcasts! Not only do we have a great time recording our own, we also listen to a bunch and thought we’d share our favorites from this past year. Here are some of the podcasts we’ve been spending time with.

2 Dope Queens — Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams share personal stories on sex, dating, hair, work, and more. Their conversations are juxtaposed with short sets from their favorite comedians. YQY!

Another Round — Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton’s podcast is basically ‘happy hour with friends you haven’t met yet.’ They cover everything from race, to gender, to pop culture, to squirrels, and more.

Code Switch — This NPR podcast covers race, ethnicity and culture and how they play a part in our everyday lives. Kat Chow, Adrian Florido and Gene Demby provide a welcoming space to delve into some frankly heady issues, especially given the current political climate.

How Did This Get Made? — Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas and June Diane Raphael dig into their love of bad movies. Each episode features the trio (with special guests) dissecting a bad movie scene by scene. Warning– may cause uncontrollable laughter.

Lore — Lore delves into the darker side of history. Each episode covers a true life scary story, exposing the truths behind some of history’s scariest tales.

Note to Self — Manoush Zomorodi hosts this tech show which is all about being human in today’s increasingly digital world.

Sooo Many White Guys – From 2 Dope Queens, Phoebe Robinson also hosts this fantastic podcast, a perfect blend of funny and serious, with great guests like Roxane Gay, Hari Kondabolu and Gina Rodriguez.

TED Radio Hour — Don’t have time to watch all the TED talks? Who does? This brilliant podcast organizes and synthesizes based on a particular theme, interviewing the speakers to dive deep into the topics. This is the perfect mind expanding podcast.

Undisclosed — Did you listen to Serial? Of course you did! If you didn’t, go listen immediately and then check out Undisclosed. Rabia Chaudry, Susan Simpson and Colin Miller examine wrongful conviction cases through a legal lens, adding their collective expertise as lawyers to a deep dive into the criminal justice system.

Did we forget any? Just want to share what you love? Tell us on Twitter!





Felicia Jadczak
Felicia Jadczak
Felicia is a Co-Founder of She Geeks Out.