SGO Laugh Night Wrap Up
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SGO Spotify Concert Wrap Up

Hello friends, it’s one of your trusty co-founders Felicia here! Wasn’t last week’s concert at Spotify amazing? What’s that? You weren’t able to attend? Well, no worries– I’m happy to recap what went down.

So this was our first ever concert, and wow was it great! Spotify welcomed us into their Davis Square space (the former Echo Nest location). Those hardy souls who trekked down the long, long hallway were rewarded at the end with entry into a secret basement concert venue that was cozy and intimate, the perfect place to spend a cold winter’s night.
Spotify provided us with food, wine (so much wine!), and swag! We listened to a very special concert from the band Honey and the Sting. Fun fact: Spotify employee Gemma is also a band member, violinist, and singer!
Honey and the Sting
Afterwards, we heard some short lightning talks from a few of Spotify’s female engineers. It was a very special night. Thank you to Gemma and Felicia (I know, there’s more than one of us!) for working with us to set this night up.
Felicia Squared
If you weren’t able to make the concert, never fear– we will be releasing the concert, along with the lightning talks, on our brand new podcast! Stay tuned for those episodes to be released soon. And you’ll have one more chance to see Spotify’s space in August, when we return to Spotify for our monthly She Geeks event.

See you soon!