Making the Business Case for Inclusion
Podcast Episode 87: Bustling with Abbey Adkison

Podcast Episode 86: Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Fatigue with Aubrey Blanche

We have been fangirling over the very smart, very kind, and very funny Aubrey Blanche, Global Head of Diversity & Belonging at Atlassian. As always, we start with exploring how she got to have this fancy cool title, and then dig into what it all means. Atlassian released their second report on the State of Diversity and Inclusion in US Tech and talked about what people are sharing… a sense of fatigue when it comes to tackling issues around diversity and inclusion. This is part one of two… In the second episode, coming out in a few weeks, Aubrey explores why we’re moving beyond inclusion and talking about belonging. Stay tuned!

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