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Announcing our First Annual Boston Tech Diversity and Inclusion Survey

Why We’re Partnering with Hack.Diversity

Since 2013, Boston has seen its innovation industry explode. This has been wonderful for the city’s economy, but problematic in a few key areas. Like many other cities, Boston’s tech companies are struggling to find the people to carry out their vision. Meanwhile, there are thousands of candidates locally who struggle to find jobs in tech, a large percentage of whom hail from traditionally underrepresented groups.  Hack.Diversity aims to fix this disconnect.

The Hack.Diversity program launched in late 2016, with a goal of addressing the issues around finding talent while increasing diversity within tech and healthcare companies. The program takes a holistic approach to this problem by supporting both companies and potential employees. Hack.Diversity pairs computer science and IT students with tech companies who have open internships (and potentially jobs). Its support for companies includes not only helping to source underrepresented candidates for open roles, but also to provide the companies with the knowledge and skills to create a more inclusive work environment that will help ensure that they are able to retain the talent they’ve worked hard to find. Hack.Diversity supports their fellows by giving them training, coaching, and mentorship during the program. The goal is that by the end of the internships, companies will have a new hire and the interns will have a new job. The Hack.Diversity cohorts are sourced from community colleges, public colleges, small private colleges, and bootcamps. Learn more about the fellows’ incredible journeys over here.

In Hack.Diversity’s first year, they supported a total of 16 fellows. Out of that initial 16, 5 fellows received full-time offers, and 3 received intern extensions. Inaugural companies included Wayfair, HubSpot, Vertex, DataXu, and Carbonite. 2018 is already off to an incredible start with new companies signing on and existing partners renewing their commitment to the program. We are thrilled to announce that we’ll be supporting this great program as a new partner, offering diversity and inclusion training to participating companies in 2018.

If you’re a company looking to invest in bridging the gap between talent and diversity, consider working with the incredible Hack.Diversity team. We’re excited to see this program grow as a sustainable way to make a difference in Boston and beyond.

All photos courtesy of Hack.Diversity