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October 2015 SGO Event Wrap Up

Hello, Anna here. I’m back to share a recap of October’s SGO dinner. Enjoy!

This month’s event was graciously sponsored by Clypd, folks who utilize data driven software to drive better television ads. (How cool! And they are hiring!) SGO’ers were welcomed into their chic office space in Davis Square for a delicious dinner of designer flatbread (we’re talking varieties with tropical fruit, cranberries, homemade sausage and even amazing all-vegan everything options), salad, heavenly brownies, two draft beer options, and a selection of vino and soda. Attendees were given the option to mingle at high tops, by the bar (yes, there was an in-house bar), or at dinner tables.

We were treated to an awesome panel of ladies from different disciplines and perspectives to share:

SGO Event by ClypdLillian Carrasquillo, Principal Data Scientist at Clypd, gave attendees a crash course on Intro. To Data Visualization. What is Data Visualization? According to our panelist, it is the effective communication of data. Through hilarious examples and case studies, Lillian emphasized the importance of honesty and skepticism when dealing with data visuals—to have integrity as their creators and to be vigilant in thoroughly vetting visuals as their audience. Read the SGO Q&A with Lillian.

Abby Taylor, the veteran Events and Partnership Manager at Brooklyn Boulders, shared her expertise on how to create memorable and inspiring experiences for people by driving up diversity. Her biggest piece of advice was to do the due diligence of seeking out panelists and speakers who come from different walks of life (*cough*enough with the all-white men panels!*cough*). She reminded us that having a diverse panel inevitably leads to a more diverse audience, which makes all the difference when it comes to spreading a message or an idea. Read the SGO Q&A with Abby.

SGO Event by ClypdSarah Beaulieu, Founder of The Enliven Project, talked about how to network as an introvert. She shared tips on how to turn stale conversations around, how to avoid them in the first place, and how to use social media to connect with people when you miss the chance to talk to them. She encouraged all introverts to “embrace the depth and the substance of the introvert!” and reminded us that it’s okay to miss an opportunity to network and that there are methods of redemption and picking ourselves up again. Read the SGO Q&A with Sarah.

The discussion was followed by a raffle of six awesome prizes for the attendees including crowd favorites Schrodinger’s Cat Earrings and the Chemistry Set Spice Rack… then more drinks, mingling and networking! It’s safe to say this ended up being a super successful and fun night. Did I learn a ton of things that are relevant to my career and social status? Yes. Did I meet a ton of cool women? Yes. Will I see you at November’s SGO dinner? I hope it’s another Yes!



Photo Credits: Cara Brostrom

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