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Nominations Wanted: Amazing Unknown Women in STEM!

In the spirit of giving voice to all of the amazing women doing brilliant work in STEM, SGO is looking to conduct interviews with anyone who identifies as a woman who has accomplished something meaningful (please define meaningful as you like) and is relatively unknown, for publication in an ongoing blog series. Anyone who identifies as a woman and has made significant or interesting contributions in a STEM field without much public recognition is exactly who we’re looking to highlight. You can think of the 2016 movie Hidden Figures as inspiration for the kind of person we’d like to talk to: we want to create a platform for anyone who has done amazing work— but has remained kind of “behind the scenes”— to share their story!

If you know someone accomplished in their field, who you think hasn’t received due recognition for their achievements, please let us know! We are looking for women who are still living, U.S. based, and have made great strides in STEM without large public acknowledgement. We would especially love to hear from women of color, LGBTQIA+, the differently-abled, and other ethnic and cultural minorities. You can fill out our Google Form to nominate any of the brilliant women you know (including yourself!).